Monday, August 13, 2007

The waiting game

"Man & Dog #1"
Fritz Scholder, 1992

Nope...we still haven't heard if we got the house yet. Keep your fingers crossed as we are supposed to find out by 2:00 today. Let's just say this has been a loooooong weekend! Gotta give it up to the universe now and accept the outcome whatever it is, yes?

The above painting was done by one of my favorite Artists, Fritz Scholder. I had never heard about him until I came to Colorado and saw his incredible work at the Leaning Tree Art Museum here in Boulder. I'm not one for Western Art...but his stood out far above the rest. He is considered a leader in the New American Indian Art movement using abstract expressionism, surrealism and pop art combinations in his work. Check him out!

Hopefully I will have at least one painting to show you later today...then several more to come this week. Happy Monday!


Amy C Evans said...

Thanks for sharing Fritz Scholder's work, as I've not seen it before. Looking forward to digging for more.

Happy painting! xo

Shari Beaubien said...

Did you hear yet?!!?!? I'm dying here!! (Like you're not!) xoxo shari