Friday, December 22, 2006

Snow Day!

We've had quite the major storm here in Boulder, Colorado! That's me in our front yard standing behind 3 feet of snow. Haven't been able to drive anywhere, the airport is closed and we've had no mail for three days. Feeling a liiiiiiitle cut-off from the rest of the world...but in a's been kind of nice to be home and hunkered down with James and Abby. The only problem for Abby is that she can't find a pee spot in all that snow!

I'm taking some time off from painting between Christmas and New Year's. Feel the need to slow down and relish time with my family. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of surprises, fun and contentment.


Rebecca said...

Wow ... try and stay warm girl! I took a mini-break too. We have been hoping for a winter here in Texas ... not sure I would trade climates.

Properties Tunisia said...

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