Friday, January 12, 2007

Small Art Challenge

It's a whopping 5 degrees here in Lafayette, Colorado today. Geez, if it's not feet of snow's Alaskan chill! This is the kind of cold where you can't go out for a walk...not unless you want your face to freeze. Abby's pee almost freezes before it hits the ground!

So...let's talk indoor activities for the next few days. I've started a new art project just to keep the juices flowing this month...inspired by Shari Beaubien and Art By Chrysti. Instead of doing 1" x 1"inchers though...I'm doing 3" x 3.5"inchers. Here are the first two. They are painted on 140 lb watercolor paper with acrylic, collage, ink, and colored pencil. The challenge is to do 100 of them. Not sure if I'll get there since there are dogs to paint...but it's a great way to get inspired.



Enjoy seeing your work. Very colorful! I love the pink and green.


Shari Beaubien said...

Fantastic, Linda! Baby steps...
Hugs, Shari

DJ said...

These are fabulous! Makes me want to make small little painted tiles again.
I love your blog... all the doggy love that I see makes me happy! I'm a doggyaholic too, and can't imagine life without them.

I will add your link to my blog in a bit!