Friday, February 16, 2007

Lucy the Labrador

12" x 13" acrylic on canvas

This is "Lucy Goosey" as I call latest dog portrait. I have known Lucy since she was a puppy...and James and I are in fact...her godparents. Lucy is a very special lady and is trained as a service dog. She is taking part in the Delta Society's Reading to Children program which helps kids with reading problems. Lucy is the best!

On another subject...Camilla Engman's blog has the funniest picture this month of "Morran"...her sweet little Terrier...doing a yoga posture. A good friend of mine gave me a doggie yoga book awhile back that is really funny...a must for any of you dog lover yoga fanatics out there. I include myself in that group of course...although I haven't been able to do yoga for the past few months. Abby needs her morning care routine right around the time they have my yoga class at the Y. That's ok baby comes first right now. By the's another great site where dog lovers can buy their yoga wear they say..."get in touch with your inner puppy!"


Jill Beninato said...

wow...those eyes! I aspire to be able to paint eyes that look so real...wonderful portrait!

Garden Painter Art said...

This portrait of Lucy is fabulous. You've really captured the color of a Chocolate Lab.

Garden Painter Art

P.S. I've got you linked!!

William Lehman said...

Great portrait. I also linked you. :)

Anonymous said...

Miss Goosey, You look just lovely! Your godmother has done her usual stellar job in capturing your essence....Luv, The Babysitter