Monday, April 02, 2007

Abby's friends

"All Dogs Go To Heaven" by Jill Beninato

It's been difficult getting back in the swing of things after Abby's passing. I haven't been able to pick up a paintbrush just yet but I know I will soon. I need to do it for Abby and for myself. It's hard to be without her though...she was my sunshine.

I wanted to post two very special pictures today that meant so much to James and I this past week. The first one above...from a wonderful friend and artist, Jill Beninato who painted this beautiful "Abby Angel" for us. Thank you again, Jill for such a sweet gift.

The picture below was drawn by Miss Julia Saltz...our little five year old friend and neighbor. She was worried that James and I were she wanted to paint a picture of Abby to make us feel better. You know this one got us!

"Abby" by Julia Saltz

And thanks again to all of you who wrote such lovely mails, sent cards and kept us in your thoughts and prayers. You made all the difference and lightened our heavy hearts.

With love and gratitude,



Garden Painter Art said...


It's so good to see you back. What lovely gifts you received in Abby's memory.

I so hope that the days are getting a little easier for you and that you find your way back to your painting.

Garden Painter Art

Sandy T-S said...

I just love these pictures! What a beautiful Angel Abby is! It's good to see you back and I hope you can pick back up that paintbrush soon.

Kate said...

These are such heartfelt pictures - lovely tributes to Abby. Her spirit will always stay with you ... much like Hazel's is with me.

I am thinking of you and hoping that your hearts will grow lighter ...

Carla Sonheim said...

Both paints are so wonderful.... how sweet your friends are!