Friday, May 04, 2007

My little Valentine

10" x 11" acrylic and collage on canvas

Miss Valentine is my latest commission. What a sweet was a pleasure painting this sassy little diva!

Three things I thought you might be interested in. First, there is a great dog ecard site I found through Modern Dog Magazine. It's called Sloppy Kiss Cards. Really fun dog and cat ecards for every occasion. They have some fabulous Mother's Day cards! something new for your dog library (don't we all have one?!). It's a book I recently read called "Just Gus" and it's a beautiful gem of a story about how a rescued dog brought joy and healing to the life of a cancer patient.

And last but not least...there is an amazing end-of-life sanctuary called SAINTS that takes in senior and special needs pets that have nowhere else to go. It breaks my heart to think of a senior animal in need without a loving family or these people are doing very important work. It's getting late...but there is still time to donate something to their "Wishes for Whiskers" silent auction coming up on May 12th. If you can donate any service or artwork to them...please think about it as they are in need of funding. You can reach them through their website here.
Abby Louise thanks you!

Enjoy this first weekend of May!


Garden Painter Art said...


This one is just adorable. I absolutely love the way her ear extends outside of the border!!

Also, I have your 3Pigs paper dolls printed and ready to go, but, if you don't mind waiting until later next week, I'll have Abby done by then and can send them to you altogether. Is that okay with you?

Garden Painter Art
Kim's Kandid Kamera

Clare said...

Hi Linda! I love Valentine -- I swear you paint the most expressive dogs I've ever seen. They all have so much soul and heart in them. My heart just melts when I see them! And thank you so much for the links you listed. Wow, the end-of-life sanctuary is incredible. Have a really nice weekend.

Ro Bruhn said...

Just beautiful Linda, the person who commissioned the painting should be thrilled. Your love of animals shines through in your dog paintings, they're all so lovely.

Rebecca said...

This is a sweet portrait. Kim is right, that one ear going beyond the border is great, very playful.