Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Goats and a silly poem

Isn't this just the cutest picture?! I couldn't resist posting it because we can all use a little sweetness every day...and because that little baby goat reminds me of Abby! I found this on the San Francisco Chronicle's website SFGate.com which I usually check daily for their fantastic photographs. Click on "Day in Pictures" in the right sidebar to view them.

Here's a poem called "Old Hogan's Goat" from "I Went to the Animal Fair". Enjoy!
Old Hogan's Goat

Old Hogan's goat was feeling fine,
Ate six red shirts from off the line;
Old Hogan grabbed him by the rack
And tied him to the railroad track.
Now when the train came into sight.
That goat grew pale and green with fright;
He heaved a sigh, as if in pain,
Coughed up those shirts and flagged the train!


kate said...

That is a cute picture! The life of a goat seems like a mighty fine one.

Old Hogan's goat must have had an enormous stomach ... much like a lab's.

Thanks for the morning uplift!

Rebecca said...

Nice find. I could see you painting a goat.

Nabeel said...

awww I love goats, as a kid we used to have pet goats. Baby goats are the most adorable.