Monday, September 10, 2007

Priest Lake Pics

James and I lounging on the deck (our favorite activity!)

My Dad's you're looking north (you can see the mountains of Canada.)

"Kathleen and James coming in from a morning canoe ride."

Here are a few photos of the trip. James and I had such a great time with Steve, Kathleen, my Brother and Dad. They're all such fun people to be with. We're all wishing we were still there! The water was a liiiiiiitle cold for swimming but we all managed to toughen up enough to go in at least once. They probably heard my screams all the way to Washington when I first hit that icy blast of lake water!

Thanks for all your kind comments about our losing the house. Let me just say that trying to deal with a bank on a forclosed house is like sticking a pin in your eye! They would not budge an inch on their asking price and we could not afford to go any higher. I guess they would rather have that beautiful house sit vacant until they get what they want. It's a bit hard for us to move on right now because we loved the house so much...but we know something really good or better is bound to come along. I'm not ready to stop pouting just yet though. :)

Back with more art very soon! Have a good Monday!


Jamie said...

What a beautiful lake! Go ahead and have a good pout and stomp about the house! and you're right, something fabulous is right around the bend....

Holly Stinnett said...

These are gorgeous pictures... how I wish I could be there right now. This lake reminds me of "MY" beautiful Lake Tahoe. Has a similar feel.

Looks like a lovely time.


Amy C Evans said...

that view! that canoe! north carolina was good but not THAT good.

sorry about the house, but that just means there's more time for you to find your super duper dream house!

kate said...

What beautiful scenery - it looks as if you were surrounded by good friends and family and beautiful scenery.

I guess the house deal wasn't meant to be (I'd be pouting too!) which means that something much, much better will come along and you'll be thankful for the wait. Hard to think of that now but eventually ... Kate the fortune teller's prediction will come true. (Um, I'm not really a fortune teller, although I am certain I was in a previous life!)

Your cards arrived today and I was thrilled. Real mail. Yes! Thank you so much ... it was a treat and made my day!

Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous place Linda and lovely weather too

Clare said...

Hi Linda -- I am so happy you had a nice trip. But I feel terrible that you didn't get the house. Moose and I had been keeping our fingers crossed that you'd get it. We are sending you huge hugs.

Moira said...

Love the pics. Thanks for sharing. So sorry about the house. You're allowed to pout.

LINDSAY said...

o! That twinkling water looks so beautiful! Don't you wish everyday could be spent like this!

Jill Beninato said...

Sorry about the house Linda, I know you must be probably had termites...(Ha! Ha!)It looks like you had a nice, relaxing trip. Thanks for sharing your photos so we can all be jealous!