Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

My adorable Abby Dracula dog ever! Abby used to really enjoy Halloween...can't you tell by her expression? NOT! She was a trooper though and didn't mind some of the costumes we put her through over the years. Some of my favorites were her as a Cheerleader, Bee, Cowgirl, Cat and Witch. I miss my little spooky girl this Halloween.

Hope you all have a wonderful, scary night out there! You can be sure that I won't open my door if any clowns or old antique doll baby heads come to my door...two of the scariest things in MY world!!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Happy Halloween Linda!

I LOVE Abbey as Dracula! What a great costume and photo!

You made my Halloween!


Rebecca said...

Boo! Great costume. Thanks for the post & e-mail this morning ...terrific reminder to have some fun today. I have a Bee costume for Ajax that I need to shoot him in today.

lynne said...

HA! This is classic! Just love it! Abby is such a sweet, sweet girl! Thanks for sharing!

Jill Beninato said...

This is soooo reminds me of those shots you see of the redneck dogs with the buck teeth. It is nice to see Abby...

Bronwyn, said...

Now Linda, you've been taking advantage of the good nature of labradors, haven't you?! hehe

Labradors will put up with a lot, for the attention & company, won't they?

Food, did I mention food, too?!

Clare said...

Hi Linda! Abby Dracula totally made my day!! I'm still laughing as I'm typing. I love her vampire teeth and the bats flying around -- gorgeous orange color too. What a sweetheart she was.