Monday, October 29, 2007

New Abstract Painting

6" x 7" acrylic and collage on canvas
available at my Etsy Store

I felt the need to head back to some abstract work for a couple of days so the above piece is a result of that. (Hey Ro...I used your paper again here!)

I really enjoy the variety of switching back and forth from painting still abstracts. There is something about it that really works for me. What I learn each time from doing the abstracts helps with the dog art which helps with the still lifes and so on and so on. It also gives me the chance to express myself in three very different ways. I sometimes wonder though if I stretch myself too thin by doing this ...and that maybe I should focus on one specific subject matter to produce a more cohesive body of work. Then again...maybe this is just the way I need to work to get where I'm going.

On another subject...I have a Halloween movie recommendation for you. If you haven't seen "Freaks"'s the perfect creepy movie to watch! We're taking it over to some friends to watch on Wednesday night after all the kiddies come. It's a classic and surely one of the strangest movies ever to come out of Hollywood. Get it!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Good morning Linda!

I LOVE your new piece! It really embodies excitement and all of the new great things coming to you.

I totally agree with you that creating different types of art helps develop each thing we create.

I feel that happening very strongly in my life too.

XO Melissa

Shari Beaubien said...

I like your abstract here, Linda - the colors and especially the black/white focal sprout. But I also love the way you work in three different styles. Makes me feel not so "abnormal" myself! Hugs, Shari

kate said...

I like that you don't focus exclusively on animal paintings because we'd miss out on seeing these works. When I first looked at it, I thought passionflower since the leaves of passionflower vines are this shape. The background is vibrant and alive and cheered me up enormously!!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love your new piece! we always think that every artist should stretch themselves a little bit, and voila!- end up making art as fabulous as this!

kari & kijsa

Clare said...

Hi Linda! It makes total sense to me that each style of painting you do would help with the other styles -- they complement each other too. And having some variety must be fun too. I can relate, because when I write poetry, I like to switch between haiku and regular poetry and then to prose too. I really love your abstract "sprout" painting -- so beautiful with a touch of whimsy. Really nice! I hope you're having a really nice week so far!

Patience-please said...

My husband is an artist, and he'll often have three pieces, in three different styles and mediums going at once! Makes me dizzy! I don't know if I've sent you his links?? We live in an exciting new art district in Paducah KY. ( Bill coincedentally posted examples of his different works on his blog this week -
I am delighting in your work!
all the best-

Karine said...

I really like this abstract, Linda! Beautiful color. I know what you mean about working in different styles. I personally NEED all the styles I work in.

av女優 said...