Saturday, December 29, 2007

DNA and Maisie May!

Hi everyone! Yes, Maisie May is a new nickname we're calling Maisie along with Maisiekins, Maize...and James calls her Mayhem (ha! just kidding). Isn't this the coolest stamp of her? My wonderful and talented friend, Melissa surprised me with it yesterday and I just love it. Thanks, Melissa!

We finally got Maisie's DNA results back and you won't believe it...they're inconclusive. Maisie has them stumped! What it basically said is that they could not find markers in her DNA that would indicate she had any German Shepherd, Whippet or Greyhound in her. They did find trace amounts (which means they don't really know) of Siberian Husky, Dalmation, Australian Shepherd, Dachshund and Airedale Terrier. Dachshund?...Moira, any thoughts on that little surprise?

So...because of these lamo results...James and I have done some more research on our own and now we think she is a Dutch Shepherd. The Dutch Shepherds are not on the Wisdom Panel DNA list of breeds so it wouldn't even show if she was a purebred. She might be mixed with something else...but her characteristics and personality really seem to fit a "Dutchie". Take a look at "Coco" on Dogster and you can see the similarities. I think we want our DNA money back now! Sheesh!

Hope you're all getting some good r&r this week after all the Christmas hooplah. I'm very happy that a bright new year is coming! Yay!


Ruth Welter said...

Hey Linda, first of all, love your pugs in the post below. Ha, nicknames, you wouldn't believe what I call my dogs. Not only that, if someone bugged our house and listened to the conversations I have with them, I would be caught by the people in the white coats and thrown into the looney bin. I have voices for each of them...Sometimes when I talk to them, I answer for them, in the voices that I think they would use if they spoke.

Dudley would sound like cartman, he would also swear a lot. Willow is really laid back and calm and that is what his voice would sound like. Orchid is the cheeky chic so her voice would be fiesty. See what I mean, men in the white coats are coming for me now.

Patience-please said...

I love Maisey's portrait - what a lovely gift!
DNA Schmee NA. She will always be an honorary whippet in this house!


Ruth Welter said...

Ps..Linda, the stamp Melissa made for you is beautiful.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Linda!
I am so glad you like your stamp! I had so much fun making it for you. Miss Maisie is the sweetest doggie ever. I think she looks just like a "dutchie". Emmitt still thinks she is part puggie too.
XO Melissa

Anonymous said...

Well the whole problem is, the DNA test only looks for DOG breeds. It's quite possible, even likely, that she is part Dutch Shepherd, part goat.
This from One Who Knows.

Karine said...

No matter what breed Maisie is, Pono and I think she's awesome!!! Pono has about 50 nicknames, too, so I know exactly what you mean about that.

Jonna Barnett said...

Well at least you know what she isn't....:). The Dutch Shepherd does look like she could be close. Nicknames -- we have about 3-4 for each of our 5 and all the cats have at least one or two. Happy Holidays.

NeereAnDear said...

Hey there Linda... first off... I want to wish you a happy NEW YEAR!!

Then I must say the stamp your friend made is awesome!!

As for breed... we call PJ a Heinz 57 hehehe ... she is a variety... which is the spice of life isnt it?

I can see that Maise might have some Australian sheep dog in her

What ever she is... its adorable


Moira said...

LOL! Maisie the magical enigma. She does have similar eyeliner markings to Darby, my Doxie, but I still say she's part Sphinx.

kate smudges said...

Maisie looks very much like Coco ... I think you've figured out her breed and boy, those DNA testers seem to be missing a few breeds on their test panels.

The Maisie stamp is beautiful. Melissa is very talented!

Clare said...

Hi Linda! I love the stamp of Maisie -- it's beautiful! And in looking at the photo of Coco, I can totally see how Maisie is a Dutch Shepherd. It's exciting to finally find out. And Dogster is a cool site, too. Moose and I send hugs to you and Maisie!

Clare said...

Hi Linda! I forgot to add that I hope Maisie is all better from her surgery -- Moose and I felt terrible reading about what she had to go through.

Anonymous said...

I found your site while googling the name Maisie. Our Huskey/Shepherd (haven't had the DNA test done yet, that would be interesting unless it was inconclusive too) is named Maisie Ray. She's a dork but I love her!