Monday, December 03, 2007

Holiday Spirit and Stuff

"Mr. Snowman"

Being that it's the 3rd of December...I thought I should try and get myself in a little holiday spirit today (bah humbug hee hee)...and Mr. Snowman is just the person to do it! I think I collaged him when I was eight years old and amazingly enough have kept him intact all these years. I always thought he would make a cute Christmas card...although I would have a hissy fit if our card did not have a dog on it!

So...Miss Melissa (awesome dog artist!) at Pugnotes tagged me the other day to reveal 5 random facts about myself. Oh geez, you know this requires brain power, Melissa!...

1) I love movies, my favorite actress is Cate Blanchett.

2) I was featured in the local news as an ice skater when I was 5 years old. I stuck my tongue out at the camera when they were filming and my grandmother was forever mortified by that incident.

3) I have to eat cashews every day. It's a serious addiction.

4) One of my ancestors is Benjamin West, an American Painter. He died on March 11...and I was born March 11. Kind of weird. I don't think he painted dogs though...too bad.

5) I am a Saluki after taking the "What kind of dog are you" quiz.

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Now I know it's the holidays so if you can't play along I totally understand...but I will lovingly tag...

Greenfish Watercolors
This Joy of Art
Holly Loves Art
Keeper of the Chocolates

One more thing...we had a great time in San Diego...but it's good to be back with our Maisie girl!! Thanks for all your sweet wishes for a good trip. xo


Patience-please said...

Oh my delights, I love, love, love Mr. Snowman! Obviously your talent came through even at such a young age.
Thank you for the tag. I'll go play now.
all the best-
Oh and my Lindy Loo was named after my best friend of 31 years, Linda, whom we fondly dub Miss Lindy Loo when the occasion fits!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Linda!
Great 5 random things! Thank you for playing!

chocolate girl said...

wow....thanks for the tag...these are fun :) i too have a nut addiction...but mine are 'pepitas'! lol.

have a blessed day

kate said...

It's great that you have kept your snowman in such good shape. I love it!

I imagine Maisie was incredibly happy to see you too!

jr said...

hi there. i have been tagged by greenfish watercolors and was inspired via her blog to peek at yours. and you've probably heard this plenty now but- YOUR DOG IS SO FRICKIN CUTE!!!! and i am not a "dog-person". i never heard of a whippet and GS mixed and what a beautiful mix! more perfect than either in its pure form. such a beauty! i woulda taken her home too!

Amy C Evans said...

loving mr. snowman. he's so darn happy! and i love that you love cashews ;)

Joy Logan said...

Dear dear Linda,how can I refuse you? I don't know all the blog bells and whistles yet so here are my 5 things you may now know about me...
1.I was an extra in 2 John Waters movies "Serial mom" and "Desperate Living"love that pause button!
2.I am the whole family caregiver or sounding board(whiners)
3.I live for music! I feel it is the soundtrack of our lives.Some songs painfully wonderful the others painfully sad.
4.I feel I have a "dimension" of feeling too much or others feelings.
5.I think women should be more sensitive then they have become.

LINDSAY said...

aahhh! love the snowman. He would make an adorable card. Addicted to cashews as well:)

NeereAnDear said...

Oh my word... Benjamin West.. he is SO AWESOME! Talent certainly runs in the family doesnt it???

Glad you are back home with Maisse... such a cutie she is... and it didnt take long for her to make herself at home... dont you just love dogs so much?? they certainly can bring a smile to your face.