Monday, January 07, 2008

New Years Blues

11" x 14" acrylic on canvas

Meet Murphy...a wonderful rescue dog who healed the hearts of some very special people who lost their previous beloved dog, Oscar to a sudden illness. How could a face like Murphy's NOT help someone!? Cutie pie!

And speaking of hearts that need healing...I am in the doggie dumps because my sweet Maisie is dealing with yet another medical setback. She broke her toe while we were playing ball last Wednesday and now has to wear a cast for six-eight weeks. We've had this wonderful dog for six short weeks and during that time she has been sidelined with kennel cough, abdominal surgery and now this. James and I feel so badly for her...we had just gotten the go-ahead for her to resume normal activities only a few days before this happened.

I have to think there is a reason we are all going through this or I would fall off my New Years branch and cry a big birdbath. Maisie is the sweetest, dearest why is this happening to her? I guess you can't really question why though or you drive yourself crazy. Instead, I need to hunker down and help her through this, keep her busy and happy and let time run it's course. Let's hope by Valentine's Day...Maisie can get this dang cast off and finally let her heart run free. In the meantime...where the heck is that kong?!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Linda!
I LOVE Murphy! What a sweet face, and I love the background you surrounded him with! It is so happy and works perfectly!
Hug Maisie for me! I cannot wait to see you two. She will be all healed in no time. I think she wants extra indoor time with her family. :)

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Linda, Murphy is absolutely beautiful..another wonderful job on your part.

Sorry to hear about Maisie's accident. Just remember, it's a bummer but she is young and will heal in no time and be back to her normal self again.

Sandy T-S said...

Hi Linda! Murphy is just too cute! I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Maisie and all you are going through together. At least you are together! Kids just get into so much, don't they?! I'm sure things will be back to normal before you know it! Lots of love from your Windy City Gang!

Jill Beninato said...

I think some dogs are accident prone just like people are....My sister has a Great Dane named Lily and that darn dog is at the vet all the time getting stitches, something removed from her stomach, weird eye infections, it's always something! Don't let this reflect on your parenting skills(ha ha). I hope she recovers the meantime give her lots of love!

Laura said...

so sorry to hear about maisie's toe, maybe she is getting all of her accidents over in the beginning so there won't be any later. i feel just as bad whenever my pets are sick and i think we humans usually feel worse for them than they feel! just look at her sweet face and see the happiness there and bring it into yourself! happy painting!!

jaYne said...

Healing thoughts coming Maisie's way.... Maybe she's just getting her bad things out of the way early on so that she will have only good things to look forward to... Hugs to you and Maisie...

Patience-please said...

Oh Maisie! Now we know you're part whippet: whippet toes are forever injured. I hope it heels fast.I think Jayne is right on target with her comment.


Lynne and the puppies said...

What a terrific drawing! It looks just like my friend Jody's Tebetian Terrier!

And sweet Maise! Poor thing! She sure has had her share of doctors lately! We send her lots of puppy kisses and love... and hope that you find the kong soon!

Shari Beaubien said...

Hang in there, sweet pea. Maybe it's not about why this is happening to Maisie but why this is happening to all three of you - because you NEEDED one another.
xoxo, Shari

Tara Ross Studios said...

shari makes a good point. Be careful of high flying frisbee's and dogs coming down to hard on thier legs too. This happened to a dog friend of mine and she never fully recovered.

Anonymous said...

Terrific painting! You can feel Murphy's presence. You're talented!

Sorry to hear about Maisie, but caring for a hurt dog will really deepen the bond between you(if that's possible ;-)

Scratch her behind the ears for me, will ya? I bet she doesn't care it's from a stranger :-)

Again, really good work. I'm gonna look around here some more.

Karine said...

Broken TOE!!!???! Poor Maisie. She will recover, and then the three of you are in for years of fun and play. Don't worry! Love the new painting!

Janet Bernasconi said...

Just wanted to say that your art work is amazing. Love the colors you use which makes them stand out in a crowd. Sorry Maisie has had a rough time lately. I'm sure that with lots of TLC..Maisie will recover before you know it. It was great visiting your blog and will stop by again soon!

I wish you much success!:-)
Janet Bernasconi
Janet's Creative Pillows

Ro Bruhn said...

They say things happen in threes, well this is Maisie's third event, so from now on it's all positive.
Love the painting, what an adorable face.

chocolate girl said...

a great big hug for maisie....she is so truly blessed to have a good 'mommy' to take care of her the way you will all get thru this and when you do, you will be much closer and bonded for having had to deal with these set backs :)

hugs to maisie and kisses to her toe ;)

dog face girls said...

Murphy is just darling. Thanks so much for stopping and posting to me blog.



kate said...

Hi Linda,

Ouch, says Lytton, and he is sending lots of doggie love to Maisie for a swift recovery. He was also reminded of his early months with us. He had kennel cough when we met him, followed by several bouts of antibiotics for a stubborn eye infection and then an ear infection. This all happened in the span of two months.

Since then, Lytton would like to report that he has been in excellent health, has avoided all cars and other speeding objects and was told by the vet that he has a healthy heart. Did that ever pump him up ... that, plus being told he was very handsome.

So Lytton and I think Maisie will heal and all will be well!!

Give her lots of hugs from us.

Oh and Murphy is adorable. I love the green floor and the background!


The painting of Murphy is fantastic! I just want to give him a hug.

And speaking of hugs, I'm sending a big one to Maisie! She's had a tough go of it, for sure, but she couldn't be in better hands. Hang in there, my friend.

cowbelly said...

I agree with Laura above. I think Maisie is getting it all out of her system while she is young. That is exactly what happened with Fergie.

In the first few months we dealt with:

profuse, ongoing diahrrea, or what I call "faucet butt"
chronic gas that could clear out a room
chronic urinary tract infections
a very bad bloody bladder infection
massive food allergies
terrible separation anxiety
dog aggression

and so on.

They got to know us quite well both at the vet and the dog trainer's the first few months I had her.


She is fit as a fiddle, no more physical or behavioral problems!! By 1-year old all of those things pretty much went away.

In any case, I feel for all of you and hope she heals soon!