Friday, March 28, 2008

A New Cat in Town

5" x 7" pencil, crayon and collage on bfk paper

Maisie doesn't like me to draw cats very often...but this was an exception. A friend commissioned me to draw Brisbane...a wonderful girl who is no longer with us. Her mom, Patricia misses her very much so it was an honor for me to create this portrait for her. I love the color of her eyes! I used to do these mixed media drawings quite often and still really enjoy doing one now and then.

And hey...there's an Artist out there I just met this week that you should know about. Her drawings of animals are really exquisite. Her name is Leslie Moore from Leslie grew up in the Bay Area but has lived in New England for the past 25 years. Nice to know you, do beautiful work!

by Leslie Moore

Have a good weekend. Sheesh...March is almost over already??!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Oh my goodness, Linda! Brisbane is beautiful! I absolutely love the expression and how soft she is. I feel like I can pet her. The colors and textures you chose are absolutely perfect.

leigh said...

Linda, Brisbane's portrait is wonderful. Cats are so hard to capture and you did a great job. I thought it was a photograph with mixed media then realized you drew her too. Amazing.

Patience-please said...

On a scale of 1 to 10, Brisbane's portrait is a 15 !!!


Manon Doyle said...

Awww ......... what a wonderful painting of Brisbane. She is adorable!

Donna said...

Linda, you did a fabulous job on Brisbane. I love her eyes.
I'm off now to check your link with the new artist.
Have a great weekend!

Shari said...

I can't even believe that's pencil, Linda! It looks like you painted it! Brisbane is wonderful!! Maybe one day Maisie will allow you to work on Audrey and Montgomery? ...Especially if I add in Bentley as well? Hugs,

Ruth Welter said...

Linda, thanks for posting Leslie's address, I have to go over there next and see her work.

Wow, that cat...when I first saw the kitty, I thought this was a photograph you took. Those eyes are so beautiful and full of life. Beautiful job, as always.

Rebecca said...

wow wow ...double wow.
love the mixed media
love the colors
love the sassy and confident attitude!

I am so sorry for Patricia's loss, you can tell Brisbane had a large personality and will be missed.

This is so great.

Joy Logan said...

That is amazingly realistic! Wow those lucky people. I also loved the horse below,the happy red color is wonderful.

Sandy said...

Linda, these are great!!! I also want to take the time to say I love when you link to other people you enjoy.

I have never seriously tried to draw a cat but just today pulled out about three photos I want to try.


Neda said...

Not only do I admire your artistry but also your impeccable color combinations. Every painting is a perfect study in color harmony. Bravo!

Leslie said...

Thank you so much for sharing my art work in your blog space. I think your work is wonderful and I'm honored to be on the same page with Brisbane! I also love your generous spirit.

Roshanda said...

Lovely portrait! The eyes are quite nice.

Susan Tuttle said...

Brisbane is amazing - this piece eminates such incredible spirit - brings tears to my eyes.

Thanks for your sweet comments.


Lynne said...

You have an amazing ability to capture all the subtle nuances of fur... whether canine or felinie! Great painting!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Brisbane is fabulous!! We always love to see your work! Have a fabulous weekend!

kari & kijsa

Jonna said...

What a beautiful kitty and with such attitude.

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cowbelly said...

Brisbane is very soft and sweet looking- great job on the fur!

And Shingles is just adorable!

Thanks for Sharing Linda :-)

Anonymous said...

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