Wednesday, April 02, 2008

An Abstract and Artsy Fartsy Stuff

"Inner Circle #4"
6" x 7" acrylic and collage on canvas
available at my Etsy Store here

This is the latest in the Inner Circle Series. I incorporated my Grandmother's old sheet music and bits and pieces of monotypes that I did in college.

Below is a painting done by Shari Beaubien. She and I did a trade recently and I was fortunate enough to receive this amazing piece from her. The photo doesn't really do it justice...there are so many layers and colors upon colors to look at. It is an absolutely beautiful painting!

And speaking of Miss Shari...she and I have been having a discussion lately about signing one's work. Up to this point...I have always signed my canvas paintings on the back. I'm not sure why I do this...although my signature seems to be a distraction to me on the front. Shari feels you should sign on the front. She sent me an interesting article from the March issue of ArtsyFartsy News (scroll down, the article is on the right side) that addresses the subject. What's your opinion?...we would love to hear it!

"Vision" by Shari Beaubien
8" x 10" mixed media on canvas


Shari said...

I love that you posted a glimpse into this discussion we've been having! For me, signing on the front is a matter of pride and taking ownership of all that I've accomplished. Plus I want folks to KNOW it's a Beaubien original and perhaps one day be able to recognize both my style and my signature. I can't wait to hear how other folks weigh in... Hugs, Shari

Manon Doyle said...

Hey Linda,

I love your new piece! The reds and yellows are my favorite colors ........ they look great in your work.

I sign my mosaics pieces on the back for obvious reasons. The pet portraits that are done on birch I sign both on the front and back. I'm sure I'm doing this just out of habit. Not sure which is the right way but this works for me.

Patience-please said...

I love your new piece, Linda, and I'm fairly sure Bill will, too.
Bill and I had the signature front/back discussion just last week. As the NON artist, I WANT that signature on the front. To me, it is not distracting, it is part of the painting. The complete package.

all the best-

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Linda!
Oh! I love your new painting and Shari's is wonderful! What a great package to receive in the mail!
I sign my cards and prints on the front, but the originals (that I do not sell) I sign on the back.

I feel like I just made this piece of art and don't want to ruin it with my signature. It also allows me to get a clean scan of my work.

I think whatever the artist who makes the art feels comfortable with is the way it is supposed to be. There is no right or wrong in my book.
:) m

Sandy said...

I love your new piece!! Gosh its' beautiful.

I checked out Shari's site and that orange juice one your gave her is so colorful. Hers to you is beautiful too!


p.s. I enjoyed going through your website. Your art is just incredible,...or did I mention that already..My memory..yikes...

Michele Maule said...

Hey Linda!
Love the painting!!
Very cool.
I have always signed my work on the back...not because I thought it was distracting, but mostly because I had more room to write on the back :)

Donna said...

Linda, I love, love, love, both paintings! The colors are beautiful.
As for signing a painting, I think you should sign on the front (I agree with the artsy fartsy guy).

William F. Renzulli said...

Inner circle #4 is really good. It makes a great additon to #3. They both have a cohesiveness in their composition and an explosion of wonderful color, highlighted by the gothic letters.

Moira said...

Gorgeous pieces!

Regarding your question. I always liked to sign on the front, so it looks like "art" not something bought at Z Gallery. But -- a few years ago I was in an art show and NOBODY signed their artwork on the front. I was mortified, mine looked very uncool with my signature since no ones else had it. So, at least in LA, it seems the thing to do is sign on the back.


Rebecca said...

Love the artsy fartsy link ... did not know about oil based sharpies ... will look for those this week.

Tara Ross Studios said...

Love your latest, love the bright colors!

It depends on my mood and the spacing on the front. Sometimes I do front and back, sometimes front, sometimes back. What about the name of the piece on the back?

Karine said...

Love the new painting, Linda. I am really enjoying the Inner Circle series.

It is interesting to read the comments about signing work. I recently had a discussion with a gallery owner about this very thing! I have been painting on deep canvases (they are 2.5" deep, and I continue the painting around the edges). The gallery owner has asked me to sign on the edges of the canvas, rather than on the front. I have been signing on the front until now.

lizzyl said...

i love both of these pieces! i think the signing is personal preference--i never really liked the way my signature looked on the front, so now usually i sign on the side with a little symbol, but it just depends! if it's a print i might sign on the front.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love your new piece, and the direction of this work! Shari's piece is a lovely treat as well!

kari & kijsa

Joy Logan said...

Linda I love this piece you've done! Oh as far as signing it depends on the piece. I sign the backs of my larger pieces only because the signing would not look good with the pieces,but smaller pieces can go either way with me.

Cre8Tiva said...

i love thee linda...the colors are my fav yellow with red..i have missed you...r

Susan Tuttle said...

What a beautiful new piece! I love the juicy colors.

In terms of signing my art, I have done it both ways. If it won't detract from the composition, I sign my name (very tiny) in the lower right corner. If I feel it gets in the way, I put it on the back.

Regardless of where I put the sig, I always adhere a card to the back with contact info (name, email, website, etc).


kate smudges said...

Your 'Inner Circle' is beautiful Linda.

It was interesting to read about signing your work in the Artsyfartsy News ... I like the unobtrusive way Shari does it in her 'Vision' which is a lovely work too.

Neda said...

There is so much vibrancy in that collage, Linda! I love it.

I "forget" to sign most of the time. I do write the date though on the back..I started putting a copyright/signature on my scan for the blog but most my collages go unsigned. After reading your post and the comments, I think I am going to start signing my work. Thanks!

Ro Bruhn said...

Love your and Shari's paintings, such vibrant colour
combinations. I sell my paintings at a couple of galleries and you always have to sign them on the front.

Nevis said...

I LOOOOOOOVE "Inner Circle #4"...! I wish I could afford it.

Can I borrow $75? :D