Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slow as Molasses in January!

"Amelia" by Inez Storer, 2002
oil on board, 36 x 24 inches

That would be me...slow as molasses O'Neill! Sorry for the lack of art lately. There has been so much going on in life...that the artwork has been slow-go. I really like the above painting by one of my very favorite Artist's, Inez Storer...because it's what I feel like these days. My wings are on and I'm ready to go...but I'm teetering and need to be held up by some unknown forces to stay balanced. I have to remember during these periods (as my friend Melissa says) that "Art is Life and Life is Art". Sometimes ya just gotta soak in the life...wait...and hope that it spills out some really good art. Sooner than later would be good!

Best friends, Maisie Rose and Ruby Marie

One of the really great things going on lately has been the birth of baby Jenna...the new daughter of our very dear friends, Shennon and Greg. We were over visiting last weekend and big sister Ruby and Maisie had some very special time together. Ruby tugged on those big ears, fed her some tasty grass and petted her very gently. Maisie's heart was wide open to all of it...it was pretty precious.

I'm almost finished with a dog commission and a new abstract...so hope to show you those very soon. I'm hoping that molasses warms up and fuels my inspiration!


Sandy said...

I love the painting you posted...

and that is an adorable photo of Maisie and Ruby...(darling name).

Yup..life does get in the way of art and for me a lot...looking forward to your new dog painting and new abstract.

have a great day.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Linda!
I love the painting you posted and the picture of Maisie and Ruby is so wonderful!
Your new paintings sound great!
Enjoy our Spring weather today. I think we get snow tomorrow. :)

Tara Ross Studios said...

Thank you for sharing Inez's work. I love the postcards on her site. Most of her work looks quite large. It's wonderful!

Rebecca said...

Great share on Inez Storer.
Sometimes when I have trouble getting into the groove I try waking up and doing affirmations each day for a week or a month ... I just repeat the same thing each morning, and instead of saying " I will meet my commitments today" I try " I am meeting all my commitments". It can be really general stuff like I will feed my artist today ...whatever little phrase will motivate you in the way you need or want to be motivated.

Shari said...

Hi honey! I'm cheering for you through my haze of sickness. That shot of Ruby and Maisie is too cute. Hugs, Shari

Patience-please said...

Can't wait to see you new work! Good girl Maisie.

all the best-

Patience-please said...

Can't wait to see you new work! Good girl Maisie.

all the best-

Manon Doyle said...

Very cool painting by Inez Storer!

I go through those slow periods often and then something kicks in and I'm off and running again. Good time to recharge your battery.

NeereAnDear said...

What a darling picture of Maise and Ruby... too cute...

Loving the milk painting... looks good enough to have a huge sip... now I have a craving for some chocolate milk...

Maise looks adorable in the snow... and girl you better save me a piece of that Italian cream cake... OMG looks d i v i n e!!

Glad you had a wonderful anniversary..

As for the slow going .... we all have our days... mine have been like that too... cant get a grip..

guess you have to let life take you where it wants to



Donna said...

Maise is such a good girl. Cute photo.
Looking forward to some new art when the mood strikes! Take your time!

Ruth Welter said...

Very sweet photo of Maisie and her little friend. That is great, I think it is important for kids to have exposure to dogs and animals at a young age and know how to act around them.

Looking forward to seeing your new commission...hey, art is slow for all of us at times. Sometimes I'm running around painting like a nut and others, the ideas and inspiration just don't surface for whatever reason. Those times pass though and you will once again be painting up a storm.

Freshly Found said...

Reminds me of my beautiful German Shepherds. I finally posted a pic of them - http://freshlyfound.blogspot.com/2008/04/seen-in-my-garden-lately.html

cowbelly said...

Awww, Maisie is just as sweet as she looks. Ya know, she is looking more and more like a German Shepherd every day. Their faces really change when they reach maturity.