Friday, August 01, 2008

I love Jack Russells!

13" x 16" acrylic on canvas

Here's Bogey, the Jack latest commission. The purple blanket with green dots was his favorite thing to sit on. Bogey isn't here with us any longer ...but his spirit was surely with me in my studio. I could tell he was a very sweet boy with a sassy attitude and a heart as big as they come.

James and I will start packing up the rest of the house this weekend...our moving date is set for August 21st! All the commotion and change is making Maisie a little crazy...but she's going to be very happy once she see's her new bunny town.

What are YOU doing this weekend? Have a good one whatever it is! xox


Donna said...

Hi Linda,
What a great painting of Bogey! Jack Russells are so cute.

Wish I could come help you pack, we've moved around alot and I found that I love packing (I know I'm crazy)!

Have a fun weekend!

Manon Doyle said...

Jack Russells are great dogs! I love the painting and the blanket!!
You'll be so happy in your new home....... it' ll be worth all the work!

Have a great weekend!


thorngren said...

Amazing how you capture the personality of each pet. That's really hard to do. Have a good weekend-MB

Karine said...

Another great painting, Linda! I especially think you captured expression in this dog's eyes. So cute! Have a great weekend.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi linda!
we just rolled in and i had to stop by before i fell into bed.
your new painting is wonderful!
i cannot wait to see you!
thank you so much for your birthday wishes! you made emmitt's day!
m & e

Moira said...

Bogey is wonderful!

BTW, my sister and family recently moved and her 3 year old daughter was having a very hard time with all the commotion. I coined a new phrase..."Layla feels commotional." Now I use it all the time. Feel free to use as needed. As in "Moving is very commotional for Maisie."

Neda said...

Right on the spot! What a lovely way to remember our best friends!

Still overseas...the Mediterranean blue misses you :)

Leslie Moore said...

I love Bogey! What a character! And you've captured all of it! Hope your move won't be too commotional and that you'll all be thrilled with the new bunny town, not mention the new studio. Can you tell I'm jealous!

Shari said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie pie! And Bogey's purple blanket with green polka dots... well he's just too much! He and his blanket look terrific set against the yellow background, Linda. Really great job! Hugs, Shari

Peggi Habets Studio said...

My only experience with a Jack Russell was a client's dog, who dove on me from behind making me spill my drink all over my client. Bad dog! Beautiful painting, love the expression. Hope the move goes well.

Sandy said...

Wow that is a great painting and sounds like you really captured the spirit...

There is a woman at Wet Canvas who paints a lot of Jack Russels, do you by chance know who I mean. If not i'll have to see if I can find her again.