Tuesday, September 02, 2008

One Day at a Time!

"Where is my professional organizer?!"

Hi everybody. I'm finally rising from the depths of moving hell! Seems like I've been away for a long time and I've missed you all!

The move went well...but was harder on me than I anticipated. I think you could call it "buyers remorse" syndrome...or even relate it to sort of a "postpartum" depression. James and I have had quite a lot of change and loss in our lives the past couple of years...and this was yet another big event. It kind of knocked me over.

As Artists...I think many of us are extremely aware of our surroundings and very sensitive to changes in them. I have definitely experienced that with this new home...new sounds, the bigger yard, the new work space, finding new routes to walk Maisie girl, etc. Giving up our old comfortable smaller house, moving away from our wonderful friends and neighbors and leaving everything else that was familiar hit me in a way I didn't expect.

Anyway...one day at a time (or should I say one box at a time)...we are settling in and getting things organized. James helped me with the studio yesterday but as you can see from the picture...we have a ways to go. Not quite ready to dive back into work yet...but I think I'm getting there.

I plan to catch up on all your blogs this week. Even though I've been out of touch...I've been thinking of each and every one of you and hope that all is going well.

I'll be back soon after the dust settles. Have a great week! xox


Sandy said...

Your studio looks so spacious an airy.. This will be a wonderful place to create your magic with animal.

I can empathize with you and know what a "trying" experience this has been, leaving behind that comfort zone and going towards the unknown...but you're doing it....!

Hope you get organized and feel at home soon...

Shari said...

Aaahh, that SPACE! Disarray or no, I'm jealous of that art space, my friend. But jealous in a good, I'm-happy-for-you sort of way. Hang in there with everything else... Hugs, Shari

thorngren said...

Thanks for touching base. Remember change is good. You and Maisie will find your way in time.
That studio space is unbelievable!
Great things to come-can't wait!

Jonna said...

I can so relate this being a year of losses for our family as well. Once your all settled in i'm sure you will feel it was all worth it. And Maisie is going to love that big back yard.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi linda!
i have both my arms up happily volunteering to be your personal organizer!
oh, and there is a snorting pug behind me saying meeeeee toooooo!
love you!

LINDSAY said...

good luck settling into your new space! Your wax class looked fun, I've always wanted to try it as well. :)

Leslie Moore said...

Sorry to hear that the transition is so tough. I hope that when you get those boxes unpacked and that lovely studio up and running that things will look brighter. We're all looking forward to that first painting you complete in the new house!

Patience-please said...

Moving is SO SO SO SO stressful, even good moves.

I still call our farm in Maryland "home", but now this house, this town is also home, after SIX years!

Hang in there - Maisie must love her new big yard!


Donna said...

Hi Linda,
I think I know the feeling ~ we've moved many, many times and it certainly is an adjustment. I'm sure it will be a good move, and Maisie will be happy, especially with the big yard.

Unpack slowly and carefully and enjoy every day.

Big hugs to you!

Amy C Evans said...

oh, that studio! it's glorious! and all of the broke ties and unpacking of boxes will be well worth it once you're all settled in and properly nested. and think of all of the new art juju waiting for you in that studio! can't wait to see what comes out of it.

Alisha said...

Oh, this reminds me of me but I was ahead of you by about a month!

And, it was so terrible getting used to the new space and unpacking those boxes!! It was exciting... but yes, terrible. I just don't do well with change.

I wish you luck and look forward to seeing your studio photos when everything has a place once again.

Karine said...

Moving is definitely a major stressor. Be kind to yourself, give yourself plenty of time to "meet" your new surroundings. It will take time! You will survive this, as I survived moving to the desert, but I sympathize OH SO MUCH!!! I have missed you, but I knew you were busy with your move. I wish I could help, too! I am helping in spirit.

Manon Doyle said...

We missed you Linda! I know all about change...... it was hard when I moved to the States from Canada. I'm here in Canada right now and I feel like a stranger. Soon your old home will also feel strange and the new house will feel perfect!

Rebecca said...

i want your studio!

Moira said...

I think your one box at a time strategy is just right. Thinking of you during this limbo period -- it definitely rocks you every time. I suspect it's like childbirth, if you remembered how difficult it was, you would never do it again.

We'd be a world of single children living in huts (see we moved out of caves but never moved again).

Peggi Habets said...

Moving is so much harder than anyone ever expects. I'm sure all you're seeing is boxes right now, but WOW, I see a beautiful space just waiting for all your creative juices. Good luck with it all.

NeereAnDear said...

Hey there... touching base real quick.... I envy you that studio girl... its awesome!!

And I truly know what you mean about changes... they are hard... we are very sensitive to our surroundings... something I was trying to explain to someone today about how the clutter that is around me keeps me from being able to set my spirit free

I have been lax myself with blogging so wanted to let you know I am having my surgery for my foot on Thursday the 11th so not sure how my blogging will be ... touching base to let all my good friends not to give up on me..

details are on my blog...



lizzyl said...

one box at a time, and you will get there! i'm in the same boat as you right now. you have actually inspired me to unpack and set up my studio today!