Friday, March 13, 2009

Good Art...BAD Art!

"Green Green Tea"
by Shellie Mitchell

First of all, thank you SO much for your sweet birthday made my day! We had a yummy dinner out and the play was great. James was one of only two guys in the audience...but I think he rather enjoyed being surrounded by women.

Now the above art is the good art I'm talking about. It was a birthday gift from my friend, Melissa of Melissa and I like to meet for tea every couple of weeks which is something I always look forward to. This beautiful little painting will always remind me of our wonderful "art and other things" tea talks! Thank you, M!

Now the BAD art I'm talking about is something I came across yesterday as I was doing some research for my new website. My fantastic Web Designer, Keith and I are brainstorming to come up with just the right new logo for Abby Creek Studios. I've been going through old monotypes and drawings from school to give me ideas and THIS illustrious self-portrait popped up. I really look like that? I sure don't look very happy. HA! My Professor was probably thinking I'd better work on those drawing skills! At any rate...these older pieces are sure fun to see again.

Self-Portrait, 1993

Have a wonderful weekend out there! Play with your pooches! xox


Sheila said...

Aaah... Linda, James sounds like a sweetheart. How sweet of Melissa to make a special piece for you! How lucky you two live close enough to do this too. I think your self portrait shows how pretty you were even back then my dear.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi linda!
i am so glad you like yourgreen tea!

i love your self protrait!

how wonderful! i love that you have saved all of your art.


Leslie Moore said...

Happy belated birthday, Linda! You look fabulous--then and now! Aren't self portraits "fun"! I've enjoyed catching up with your blog today. Love your vibrant abstracts!

Donna said...

Happy belated birthday wishes, Linda!

Love the green tea painting your friend gave you. How sweet!

Your self portrait is cute! I remember doing those many years ago too. Pretty funny.

Hugs to you and Maizie,
Have a great weekend!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Linda, happy birthday to you! Melissa is such a good friend, I wish I lived closer so I could have tea with you two. Now I am not so sure that is Bad Art - I am really impressed with how you captured an expression with that line drawing. I will bet you your professor was pretty happy with that drawing! It was a sign of many good works to come...
warm hugs from Texas

Manon Doyle said...

It's not bad at all Linda! We've all felt that way when we've gone back to see old work!!
I love the green tea piece! I drink the stuff every morning! Your painting makes me happy!

Sue said...

Hi Linda...what a lovely gift from your friend...nothing is better then getting together with a good friend....your art work certainly has improved!! and yes, I did hug and kiss the Boo Dog today...and everyday!

Karine said...

Hi Linda!

Fun Green Tea painting.

Doesn't it make you appreciate how far you have come when you go back and look at your older work? I think it is valuable to do that every now and then. I am sure I have *worse* drawings than that one. Much, much worse...