Friday, February 19, 2010

Crazy Maisie!

Have I told you that people at the dog park welcome us by saying, "Hey...crazy Maisie's here!"? Yep, that's my little nutball, goofball, sassy dog, Maisie. Here she is this morning...playing with her tennis ball in the snow. Winter is definitely still here in Boulder!

I've been working like a dog (yes, a dog) on my two paintings this week...but they are not quite finished. Sometimes the ones that seem like they'll be the easiest end up being the most complicated. That's certainly seems to be the case here! Hope to have them finished to show you early next week.

I leave you for the weekend with two of Maisie's favorite Haiku poems...from the Little Big Book of Dogs...

*Today I sniffed many
Doggie derrieres ~ and I celebrate
By kissing your face.

*Dig under the fence ~ why?
Because it's there. Because it's
there. Because it's there.


Rebecca Collins said...

Have a good weekend Crazy Maisie! Great shot.

Gerushia's New World said...

I adore Haiku poems. Can't get any better than a Haiku about doggie derriere sniffing!!

Have a great weekend, Linda:
Gerushia's New World

Diane said...

She is so sweet. Great Haiku poems, too! Hugs, Diane

Sue said...

Love the poems and they are so true...ofcourse Boo hasn't tried to dig under the fence in 10 years now...We found it neccesary to lay down concrete in his run...he was an escape artist in his prime..Have fun this weekend with crazy Maisie....SUE.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi miss maisie!
emmitt says you make the snow look like fun!
have a wonderful weekend!
m & e

Jonna said...

Love the little haiku's. I'll have to look for that little book

Peggi Habets said...

How fun that you go to the dog park in the winter. The dog poems are too funny.

Christine Throckmorton said...

I can completely relate to the phenomenon of the seemingly easy paintings taking the longest to get right. I'm actually going through it myself. Grr.

Maisie looks adorable, as always!

Ruth Welter said...

Maisie looks as if she is having a ball in the snow Linda. I'm really looking forward to your new paintings, cannot wait to see them.