Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Combining Still Life and Abstract

"Oranges in a White Bowl"
8" x 8" acrylic and collage on canvas

Prints available for purchase here on

I'm continuing to experiment with different styles and combinations in my work. I decided to combine still life and abstract elements this time using lots of texture.

I was inspired to do this piece because of some beautiful new paper that my wonderful friend, Melissa Langer of Pugnotes bought me for my birthday. Here's the actual paper (below)'s a very thin rice paper that's great to collage with. You can see how I used it...with the paper showing through the white bowl in the painting. Melissa gave me two other sheets with the same pattern in different colors so I'm looking forward to using those too. Thanks Melissa!

Collage Paper


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi linda!
oh my gosh! i love your new painting and i am so happy you ar enjoying your new paper!
i love the oranges and bodi tree so much that i just purchased prints from your store!
i cannot wait for them to arrive!
they are going to hang in y front foyer for everyone to see!

NeereAnDear said...

Every new technique and painting you introduce is more amazing than the next... I love this idea... I also love the one below... you never cease to surprise and fascinate me with each stroke of your brush ....

The papers fabulous ..... I can see wonderful ideas coming to the surface....


Alan said...

Hello Linda

I love the salt and pepper shakers Linda. Your idea of using these unique papers is something I've often thought of playing with myself kudos for your creations.