Monday, March 01, 2010

Make Your Mark

So, I've been going back and forth trying to finish a couple of paintings...but am still not quite where I want to be with them. I feel like I'm struggling to develop a new "mark" in my work, especially with the abstracts. My Art Professors always used that term, saying how important it is to develop your own set of symbols, figures, numerals, patterns, etc....that carry through your work.

Thinking about that...I went through some old sketches I did in art school that I used as thumbnails for my monotypes. I had a very different style then...but I see similarities that carry through. I also did a lot of research back then on other Artists to find out what types of lines, shapes and forms appealed to me.

It's time to do a little research again to see what kind of "new" mark I can make. There seem to be losts of mistakes, grumbling (mostly grumbling) and do-overs involved but hopefully it will all be worth it!



NeereAnDear said...

Hey Linda,

I have been trying to figure out my mark for a while.... havent found it.... interesting topic though... I am going to watch and see if I can figure out what yours is ..

Isnt it interesting to go back and see how things have changed when we take a look at older work?

PJ sends you and Maise lots of kisses!!


Anonymous said...

Ask Maisie about leaving's one of her specialties.

Manon Doyle said...

You know Linda.... I look at these pieces and I already see your style emerging. Your work has most definitely evolved but I see your love of color and shapes in these sketches! Very cool!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Linda, I know what you mean about finding a mark....although I don't do it all the time, birds have become very popular for me to put into my canvas paintings. I sometimes don't realize there is a pattern there, I guess I just enjoy them and place them here or there as I see fit. I'm working on a painting like that now, a contemporary garden scene and I just don't feel it is complete without a little bluebird. So I suppose, without me even realizing it, a little bird here and there might be considered my mark.


Ps...loved seeing these abstracts.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi linda!
oh what a wonderful post and topic.

i never even thought about that. i love the idea of creating a mark.

that is a great idea for carving a stamp!


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Linda,
Hm, no, I don't I have a real mark. I just paint and create what I feel like at the time and none of my pieces ever look the same.
Now you have me thinking!

Kate McPhee said...

I don't know, Linda. I sort of disagree with your teacher, in that making marks merely for the sake of making marks can become contrived, and your heart and mind are no longer in it. As someone who does both representational and abstract work, I always find that I need to begin the abstracts with some story or image, even if it is only apparent to me. Then I have something to hinge my emotions to, and it has more intensity than just "mark-making". I say this to you especially because you are so very skilled with capturing the images of your beloved animals. Maybe if you started the abstracts with the same feeling, and just used a different language to express it.
I babble! Hope that gets you thinking, and painting! kt