Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Winter Day

"A Winter Day"
22" x 22" acrylic and collage on canvas

Remember the painting of Maisie I was telling you about? Well, I just finished it last night! Here is my girl, on a crisp winter day...in all her beautiful Shepherdness. I wanted to experiment and do a dog painting that was very different from my usual portrait work. I think Maisie was the perfect subject!

Hopefully I'll be back later this week with another new abstract to show you. I say "hopefully" because my Mom is coming from California today to visit for a week. She's very excited to see her Granddog...I think more than us!

Hope you're all having a great week so far! xox


Sheila said...

Oh my goodness Linda! My eyes popped wide open upon seeing this gorgeous painting. When I enlarged the image, my eyes grew bigger in wonderment because it got evermore awesomer ( I know that's not a word but it should be). Maisie is gorgeous in person but she is a beauty that transcends time in this painting. I love love love it.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my gosh linda!
this painting of maisie is beyond fabulous!
i love it!
you amaze and inspire me!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Linda,
oh wow, this is fantastic.
You've really captured the shadows, prints in snow and of course Maisie.
Have fun with your Mum!

Christine Throckmorton said...

Hey girlfriend! This painting is exquisite! Absolutely gorgeous! And it is inspiring me to pick up my paintbrushes after a bit of a hiatus, so thank you!.....Got the cards; love them. Thank you!! XOXO

Diane said...

OMG.....GORGEOUS! That Maise is such a charmer! Kiss her for me!
xoxo Diane

Ruth Welter said...

This is a gorgeous painting Linda, I love it.

Enjoy your mom's visit as well.


Peggi Habets said...

This is wonderful. I love the unusual perspective you used. Very nice!

Gerushia's New World said...

Well, I think you've finally outdone yourself!! I can't believe the depth of Maisie's feet in the snow. Her shadow is almost eerie. What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Maisie. Thank you so much for sharing this with your blogging friends:

Gerushia's New World

Donna said...

Wow, Linda, it's a beautiful painting of Maisie!

Enjoy the time with your Mom!


Rebecca Collins said...

This is just lovely!

Karine said...

That is really a wonderful painting, Linda. I especially love the shadow! Have fun with Mom!

sam said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Linda, I love the texture in this piece, and the shadow interesting perspective)