Friday, January 26, 2007

Dog Nappie

Here's my baby dog...schnoozing the day away. This is a good photo to end the week on I think...I'm tired too! Abby schnoozes a lot's hard watching her get old. It breaks my heart to watch her struggle with her walking and with her renal disease. She's almost 13 now and has survived many health problems in her life...she has a very strong spirit though and has beaten the odds every time.

I know it's not her time yet...Abby is still enjoying her life; loves to go for stroller rides, walks around the yard, plays with her toys, eats and drinks pretty well. I know it's coming though and way too soon. I wish dogs could stay here on earth a much longer time...the years go by too fast for one of life's sweetest creatures.

So...give your dog a big smooshy kiss tonight and tell them you love them. You'll get a big sloppy one back I'm sure.

Have a lovely weekend!


Sandra said...

What a cute picture of Abby. I hope you have her for a long time to come. Bob keeps telling me that he will be very disappointed if the first thing he sees when he gets to heaven isn't Dallas!

kstyle said...

HI Abby,
Thanks so much for dropping by kstyle. If you've been reading kstyle for awhile you know I am a total dog lover. Love your blog. k

kstyle said...


I mean Hi Linda and give Abby a hug from me. k

leigh said...

I love Miss Abby Louise ! Hugs and Kisses, Leigh

Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Sandra, hugs to Dallas! Hi very happy to have you visit. And Leigh...Abby Louise loves you too!