Monday, January 29, 2007

Abby's got a boo boo

My poor baby had a freak accident this weekend. She caught her nail in the heater grate and yanked it completely off. We took her to the Vet where they had to put her under, cut the rest of nail down to the skin, cauterize it and bandage it. Apparently a dog can get a very nasty infection if you don't do the nerve that is exposed if you don't cut it off is very painful.
With all Abby has been through...she really didn't need THIS. Please send her lots of good thoughts and kissies today, ok? Fortunately she'll be fine...bandages come off in another day so that's good.

Thought I should post another more "happy" picture of Abby from Saturday morning before all this took place. We had another snowy day and Abby was standing outside taking it all in...and enjoying every minute. I love this picture of her. Have a good Monday everyone!

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leigh said...

And I thought Chico was the only one who got his nail caught in a heater grate. He didn't lose his nail. But Hugo and Albert have pulled off their dew claws several times...just keep it clean and it will be alright. xoxxo to Abby and her boo boo :)