Thursday, January 25, 2007

More New Abstracts

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Here are six more abstracts...which seem to be evolving but I'm not sure how! I'm just trying to let my mind go and see what spews forth onto the paper.

I feel like I'm going through an artistic metamorphosis...not sure which direction to take with my painting. On one hand...I absolutely love doing the dog portraits but there is another part of me that loves doing still lifes and abstracts. There is more creative freedom for me personally with the latter. The question I continue to do both or do I concentrate on one body of work. In Art School it was always drummed into me that an Artist should concentrate on one body of work that showcases one's unique style but in a cohesive way. I guess I'm not sure exactly what that means to me maybe I need to give it some more serious thought. much head hurts!


Sandra T-S said...

Linda, I've never been into abstracts, but I must say that my eye keeps getting drawn to that middle one on the botton row. The one that looks like the word like is in it. It's weird, it makes me feel good! And since my close childhood friend Becky passed away on Christmas Eve, I need to feel good! Let me know if you're ever going to sell it!

Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Sandra...I'm so sorry about your friend, Becky. I would be happy to sell you the "Like" Abstract so if you're still interested...just email me at

Take care...hope you visit again!