Saturday, February 03, 2007

Been sickie

I've been laying low this week. My husband (typhoid Jim as I am now calling him) gave me his cold! This is the second one we've both had in a month. We'd gone at least a year without getting a cold...until he got his new job in Denver and started to take public transportation. Those cold germies love nothing better than a nice enclosed space. Little suckers!

So...I haven't gotten much accomplished this week other than starting two paintings and finishing one. Just didn't have the energy. BUT...something interesting happened as it always does with paintings...they shifted in a new direction without my thinking about it much. The above abstract is a result...very different than the smaller ones I've been doing. This one is a 5" x 7" acrylic with collage on canvas. As can email me if you're interested in purchasing it. I don't have a title for this series I've been working this one is just called "Abstract 13" for now.

Have a good Saturday!


susan said...

nice work here! thanks for the comment on my blog too linda... i just noticed that you liked Blue nile! How on earth did you find them? I used to work for Linn products who produced them. Too funny that you know them - they were virtually unheard of in this country...

Abby Creek Art said...

Hey Susan! I first heard the Blue Nile on Public Radio when I lived in San Francisco quite a few years ago. I love their music...very dreamy, dark but inspiring. That is so cool that you used to work for Linn who produced them. I still listen to "Hats" all the time while I'm painting.