Thursday, February 22, 2007

New art and jewelry

"Moroccan Lemon"
5" x 6" acrylic and paper on canvas

"Odd Bird" necklace piece

I just finished this new still life, "Moroccan Lemon" and realized that I might have been influenced by a certain new piece of jewelry I recently purchased. Ya think?! I bought this "Odd Bird" necklace piece (made out of an old domino) from Chocosho. I was so attracted to the imagery and especially the colors. Well...looks like it imprinted the colors on my brain because my Moroccan Lemons look very similar, don'tcha think? Thanks Chocosho for spurring on the creative gods!

If you're interested in purchasing the lemon painting...just drop me an email!

1 comment:

Ro Bruhn said...

It's amazing Linda how our brain mimics what we see.
In one of my altered book classes, one of my student's pages perfectly matched, colourwise, the apron she was wearing.
The painting's fabulous, it follows the same theme as your plum picture.