Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oscar Diva

In honor of the Oscars tomorrow night (I admit I am an Oscar junkie)...I thought I should post this picture by Photographer John Chapple. Now, I TRIED to get Abby to dress up for you...but she just wouldn't have it. Unusual as she is the diva of all diva's!

Not too excited about the Oscars tomorrow night...of all the movies that are nominated for Best Picture I have only seen "Little Miss Sunshine" (I usually try to see each and every one). I will have to watch anyway though...mostly to see Ellen DeGeneres do her thing as host this year. I just love her. And Cate Blanchett is my favorite actress...but I think Helen Mirren is a shoe-in for "The Queen".

Get some champagne on ice and enjoy the show!

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Garden Painter Art said...

Linda: I'll be in front of my TV tomorrow night too!! I've seen a few of the movies nominated. I loved Little Miss. Sunshine, but my absolute favorite movie of the year was Pan's Labyrinth. It was beautiful, violent, scary, fascinating, heart-breaking and I loved it!!

Have fun tomorrow and enjoy the Champagne. I know I will!

Garden Painter Art