Friday, March 02, 2007

Abby Creek Featured!

A big thank you to Jan Dicintio from "Scoutie Girl" who featured some
of my still lifes on her blog today. Jan also makes beautiful handmade handbags in custom-designed fabrics which you can purchase on her website, Daisy Janie. Jan is a fellow dog lover and names her handbags after rescued pooches from the Catahoula Dog Rescue which she supports. Definitely check out Jan's work!

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Garden Painter Art said...


I love reading about all of your animal friends. Animals have so much personality. I love using my dogs in my art. I have a mini Schnauzer that is chock-full of quirky personality. I've used him in my collages many times. I've even used his head on one of my altered paper dolls!! I think I have a picture of it somewhere back on my blog. It's also listed on etsy. My good ol' 11 year old Lab has seen her sweet face plastered on my collages also!!

Unconditional love: Isn't it one of lifes greatest joys?

Garden Painter Art