Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dog Human Bond

One of my favorites of Abby Louise

As I was thinking about Gracie today and how much we all mourn her loss...I remembered an article that I read in Time Magazine awhile back. It was about the amazing, mysterious bond between humans and their animals...written by Charles Krauthammer. It touched me very deeply at the time because Abby was very sick and I was so afraid of losing her. At times, I didn't think some people understood my bond with her and why I was so upset.

Anyway...the last paragraph of the article sums it up. I thought I would post it today, again in honor of Miss Gracie Eller. Hope it touches you as well.

"Some will protest that in a world with so much human suffering, it is something between eccentric and obscene to mourn a dog. I think not. After all, it is prefectly normal, indeed, deeply human to be moved when nature presents us with a vision of great beauty. Should we not be moved when it produces a vision - a creature - of the purest sweetness?"
-Charles Krauthammer


leigh said...

I love this photo! Abby's ears are the cutest. I am so sorry to read about Gracie. My heart breaks for Gracie's people.

Shari Beaubien said...

I can't think of a better way to say it, certainly...
Hugs, Shari

Sandy T-S said...

Okay, you made me cry. Thanks for sharing this. I heard Bob talking with my Mom on Sunday about how he can't get over the loss of Dallas. He is still numb. I will share this with him too. I'm sure he'll agree that these words are so true! With much love to all, your Windy City Gang!

Garden Painter Art said...

What a beautiful paragraph. It made me think of my neighbor across the street who had lung cancer. I don't think he would be alive right now if it hadn't been for his dog "Sarge. Ironically, John was considered cancer free last year, and then Sarge became very ill with advanced liver cancer. Sarge passed away and it nearly killed John. Sadly, after Sarge died, John's cancer has come back and he had his right lung removed last month. He is still in mourning for Sarge.

Garden Painter Art

sadie pink said...

What a great quote! I'm going to save that one. I really enjoying your blog and your beautiful doggie photos!