Friday, April 27, 2007

An Artful Orange

8" x 8" acrylic and collage on canvas

As usual...I am drawn back to fruit! Fruit and vegetables always appeal to me in color, texture and shape. Maybe it's because I'm a vegetarian as well. All I know is I love to paint them.

Here are a couple of interesting, fun facts I bet you didn't know about Oranges...

1) Oranges were once considered the fruit of the gods; they were referred to as the “golden apples,” that Hercules stole.

2) After Francis I saved Marseilles from a Spanish siege, the ladies of Marseillaise pelted him with oranges as a token of their love and gratitude.

3) An orange tree in Europe referred to as the “Constable” is said to be four hundred and eighty-eight years old.

4) Oranges and orange blossoms have long been symbols of love.

Happy Friday!


Garden Painter Art said...


What a vibrant orange you've managed to capture. I love art that revolves around simple, everyday "stuff"!!

Here's a little factoid for you: My house stands on the ground of one of the largest and most profitable orange groves in Southern California. It was called Chase Ranch.

I love the history behind that but...I hate the fact that my house stands where the orange grove ONCE stood. The grove is no more. I do have an orange tree though!

Have a great day!

Garden Painter Art

Ro Bruhn said...

Another piece good enough to eat Linda, I'll say it again you're fruit is so lifelike, it makes my mouth water.
Glad you're recovering.

Clare said...

I can smell that wonderful orange from here! And I love the gorgeous colors around it, too. You should see the monster orange tree in our yard -- it's absolutely exploding this year! Have a really good weekend.

Kate said...

What I love is the 'Earl Hines Piano' running alongside the orange. It is a vibrant, wonderful work. I loved reading your orange facts ... wouldn't it be fun to pelt someone with oranges as a symbol of admiration? Cool ...

Moira McLaughlin said...

Gorgeous, Linda! Absolutely mouthwatering :)


Rebecca said...

Love the texture of that the words add.

Shari Beaubien said...

It's as if I could pluck this orange right out of your painting and eat it! It is BEYOND awesome!! (And Jax is pretty darned amazing as well, girlfriend!) Hugs, Shari