Monday, May 21, 2007


Miss Ruby Marie

I thought I would start the week off right with a photo of this sweet little button, Ruby Marie. She is the daughter of our wonderful friends, Shennon and Greg...and is the cutest thing that ever came down the pike! We all had breakfast together yesterday...and as always, Ruby provided much needed comic relief at the table. She's at the grabby, throw, yank stage now and she keeps us all on her toes. Look out world...because Ruby is about to start walking too! What a bright light in the world she is.

And on a different note...oh joy...I get to have some dental surgery today. Icky poo kaka. It's not supposed to be too bad though although I won't be able to eat much for a few days. I guess I will just have to resort to some Ben & Jerry's if I must.

I have lots of work going this week...a new still life and a new dog commission to finish and a greeting card order for a new pet boutique in Maine. I may be standing there with gauze in my mouth...but a paintbrush will be in my hands!

Thanks for all of your good advice about Etsy was much appreciated. Have a good Monday everyone. xox


Garden Painter Art said...

Oh Linda, dental surgery! Ick!! Hope that it's not too painful and that you're back to yourself very soon.

Garden Painter Art

Clare said...

Miss Ruby Marie is a complete darling! What an adorable smile, too. I'm sorry about the dental work you're having today -- I hope it all goes ok. Ben & Jerry's to the rescue! Mmmmm -- that sounds pretty good right now.....

Garden Painter Art said...


I came across your shop on Etsy. I hope you don't mind, but I promoted you in the Forums today.

Garden Painter Art

Kathy said...

Lovely paintings. I love them. Perhaps you'll paint my beloved retired Delta Dog Huck.

Found you through a comment on Oh happy day. I'm near Chicago.

Sandy T-S said...

Ruby Marie is too precious! Linda, I hope you are doing okay after your dental surgery today. My mouth is so sensitive, so I can really sympathize. Take care and enjoy your Ben and Jerry’s! With much love from Your Windy City Gang!