Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Best Friend

This is one of my favorite pictures of Abby Louise. She and James and I went to Santa Fe together several years ago. She loved to stay at the Inn of the Anasazi - (yes, this girl dog had expensive taste!). On the way down, we stopped at the Great Sand Dunes. Abby loved romping in the sand. She looks so happy here and always had the best smile in the world.

It was two months ago yesterday that she passed away. I miss her every day but she is with me in my heart...always. I found another poem that I really love from "When Only the Love Remains". It is what I hope Abby might be feeling...when she thinks about me.

Best Friends Are Forever

I've left you in body,
But oh how my spirit

Sings only the love that you gave me;

And still, I feel warmth of your

loving words to me,

Your poems make my heart fully swell.

My life, it did end so abruptly,
I watched as you suffered so openly;

Well please dry your tears

So that I can dry mine,

Remember, best friends are forever.


Kate said...

What a beautiful poem ... Abby is always thinking of you with a smile on her face and good memories of all the wonderful times you spent together. Her smile is forever too!
Kate ox

mare said...
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mare said...

Abby is beautiful and, yes, eventually it does get better. In my experience it is dependent on the the depth and purity of the love.

With this in mind, know that this may take a while...a long while.

Abby wants you to be happy. You know that.

Judy Wise said...

Oh, what a beautiful smile Abby has. It touches me deeply. What joy she must have shared with you. What a blessing to have had her in your life.

Clare said...

Hi Linda, that picture of Abby is the sweetest -- her eyes smile as expressively as her mouth does. This poem is really lovely too. Moose and I send you a big hug.

Carol said...

I'm really very sad to hear about Abby.She was the best friend that one can ever have.I know how tough it is when a loyal friend(which can never be humans)passes away.Visit my site on pets and you'll be feel good to see all that I've posted there.Your poem is fantastic!

Garden Painter Art said...


I must admit, after making Abby's paper doll, I got attached to her sweet, sweet face. Seeing her picture here this morning made me smile and cry at the same time. I never met her, but I know that she was, and still is a precious soul.

And...your package is on it's way. I hope that you like the 3 pigs paper dolls, but more than that, I hope that you are happy with Abby's paper doll. That means more to me.

Garden Painter Art

Rebecca said...

Great photo ... she was one lucky girl to have so many good times with you guys. The poem is really perfect for this photo.

Karine said...

You are beautiful, Linda. I love this photo of Abby Louise. She looks so happy, in that doggy way. It's a joy to see. Thank you for sharing it.