Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Circus Bear Painting

"Circus Bear"
4" x 5" acrylic and collage on paper

Well, this was fun! I just let myself go with the flow in the studio today and this is one of the things I came up with. It's available for sale in my Etsy shop.

It reminded me of one of my favorite childhood books called, "I went to the Animal Fair" by William Cole and Colette Rosselli. This is a very sweet children's book with 35 different animal poems by different authors. I lost my precious copy many years ago in a flooded out basement. James knew it was one of my very favorite things so he tracked down a copy and bought it for me one Christmas. It was very hard to find then...but now it looks like used copies are readily available. You should get one!

Here is the first poem of the book...

Animal Fair

"I went to the animal fair,
The birds and beasts were there.
The big baboon by the light of the moon
Was combing his auburn hair.

The monkey he got drunk.
He stepped on the elephant's trunk.
The elephant sneezed
And fell on his knees,
And that was the end of the munk,
the munk, the munk.
And that was the end of the munk."


Sandy T-S said...

Oh Linda, I just love this painting! And thank you for sharing the Animal Fair poem! I remembered this poem as I read it and was so excited! I have always loved poetry and I'm always amazed at how I remember poems from when I was a child. In fact one came to mind the other day as I was driving to work! Wow, thanks for the cool memory!

Clare said...

Hi Linda! Your painting is absolutely charming. I love it. You always do the best colors and the best faces. I hope you have a great weekend!

Garden Painter Art said...


Your color and composition never cease to amaze me. You are going to do very well on Etsy.

As soon as I read the first line of the poem, I remembered it from childhood!! We sang it and I can still hear the tune. Thanks for bringing back a great memory today!!

Garden Painter Art

Kate said...

We used to sing this poem as a song! I love your painting - it brought back some great memories...

Hope your weekend is a relaxing one...kate oxo

Tara Ross Studios said...

Love this one!

cowbelly said...

I LOVE this!!!!!

awesome... :-)