Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bulldog welcomes new member to the family

This is my favorite commercial right now. It's a sweet way to start your day! I love Bulldogs!


Kate said...

That is adorable! Bulldogs are sweet pups.

Rebecca said...

Oh that is just way too cute.
Thanks for the smile.

cowbelly said...

I actually cried a little when I saw this the first time. I don't think I have seen anything as cute, well, ever.

Thanks for posting Linda!

Holly Stinnett said...

Awwww... isn't that the cutest??? I love it. I had a little pup bulldog in my life for a while many years ago. A friend had one and I saw him for about a year, then they moved away. What a funny doggie he was.

I'm sure you check out it's my daily dose of giggles and smiles!

Bronwyn said...

So cute - I think with bulldogs the smaller they are, the cuter?