Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hello Mr. Rabbit

"Four You, Mr. Rabbit"
6" x 7" acrylic and collage on canvas
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Considering our evening last night...I think I needed a little fun-time release today with my painting. Our very dear friend, Steve landed in the hospital with some problems related to medication he's taking for renal cancer. Send him some healthy juju when you have a moment, ok?

So...back to childhood memories of Alice in Wonderland and Mr. Rabbit and little Elf People to help the world make some sense again! As before, some of the collage bits were taken from my old piano sheet music.

My adorable art critic, Mr. James O'Neill came up with the title for it in his outstanding review...

"It's a vision of fanciful games from childhood make believe...Four You, Mr. Rabbit."

I'm working on another painting that will be a pair to this one. The cat painting is coming along too...almost finished!


Mare said...

Sending all the juju I can spare...

Julie at BV said...

Beautiful, it's whimsical, colorful and happy. All the best wishes to your friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

How cool! I see some fun little changes in your paintings - not much, but a wonderful combo of things - excellent.

Karine said...

Fun painting! Great colors. I will send all the health vibes to Steve I can muster.

This comment has been removed by the author.

That deleted comment was me, because I suddenly couldn't spell.

ANYWAY...this painting makes me want to skip and sing. And after painting all day I need some cardio, so I just might!

My thoughts and prayers are with your friend Steve.

kate said...

Sending healing thoughts to your friend Steve. I hope he recovers fast!

What a sweet painting ...I love the way the rabbit is dressed. The blue bow-tie is so cute. The background, as usual, is wonderful... and your adorable art critic has a knack for picking out perfect titles.

Clare said...

Hi Linda! I love Mr. Rabbit -- he looks so perky and handsome in his green pants and red jacket. I can just hear the thump of his feet when he walks! I sure hope your friend Steve feels better -- I will definitely send good energy.

LINDSAY said...

Love this one! I definetly have a sweet spot for Alice's story! This piece is full of whimsy & delight!

Moira said...

Really great Linda! And the limes are awesome too!

Hope you friend Steve is on the mend.

And thanks for your kind comment on my collage. Stay cool :)