Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday stuff 'n things

by Christine Humphries
9" x 12" Etching

Has it been hot where you live? Geez, it's been hot here!...100 degrees yesterday and I think again today with no real relief in sight. I might as well be joining my friend and fellow artist, Karine Swenson in her new home in Palm Springs! (Hi Karine!) And I'm trying to be GREEN but thank god for air conditioning!

The above etching was just sent to me as a gift by another wonderful Artist and friend, Christine Humphries (thank you, Christine!) from I Heart Dogs Studio. She and I share a printmaking past so this beautiful etching is especially dear to me. I just love it. You should check out her dog portraits and other work too...she's a very talented Artist. Christine even creates dog tile mosaics which are so cool!

Having lunch today with my friend, Kathleen and Mary who was Abby's dog the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House. Mary was "dog sitter extaordinaire" and Abby just loved her. It will be nice to see her again and I know Abby will be watching over us and listening in...and having her own bowl of iced chai.

Have a nice Monday, everyone. Back in touch soon with Hopey the Cat!


Rebecca said...

Christine is very talented! Nice print. Poor Linda ... You are having a typical Texas summer, and here in Texas we have been having an unusually wet and cool summer ... loving it, but it will not last. We will be in the triple digits soon I am sure.

Can't wait to see Hopey the cat! Stay cool.


What a wonderful surprise! I checked your blog as I normally do, only to find ME! I am incredibly honored to be featured, Linda. Thank you! Your generosity abounds.

Iced chai is my favorite. Your canine angel has great taste! ; )

Garden Painter Art said...

Linda: How I love all of your new art. Your creations as well as your purchases! I've been away from blogland for awhile, so I wanted to stop by to check out Pandora!! I found her, a few entries below. She's adorable and I love, love, love her.

When we lived in Northwest Arkansas, we had a potbelly named Keano. He was pink, not spotted. But I love Pandora's spots. I collect spotted pigs....(but I don't go around telling everyone)!!

I'm so glad to see you on an "art roll". You are really inspired lately and I'm so happy for you.

Garden Painter Art

Clare said...

Hi Linda! Christine's etching is wonderful -- I love the dogs all looking longingly at the fire hydrant. Moose liked it too. It's pretty warm here -- but not 100 degrees, luckily. Stay cool. I'm looking forward to Hopey the cat!

maria said...


kate said...

I hope your lunch with Abby's dog sitter was good fun. Christine's etching is really cute - all those dogs longingly looking at the fire hydrant. I'm surprised that they are sitting so calmly. (when Lytton was about 8 months' old, he broke a window trying to oome along with me to the garden. Thankfully no one was hurt ... he never tried that trick again. Mind you, he also flew through my parent's screen door - I don't think he realised there was a screen there!

It is incredibly hot here too and I am sitting in front of my fan ... no AC but boy do I ever wish for some this minute!!