Monday, July 16, 2007

Little Bitty Bike Journal

Little Bitty Bike Journal is 5" x 6.5"

This is my first hand painted "little bitty journal". I bought the beautiful handmade book in Hawaii awhile back...and thought it would be a cool idea to paint something on the front and back. It's a different expression of my "retro childhood" series. If you're interested, you can purchase it at my Etsy shop here.

Speaking of Etsy, there was a good article about it in this week's Business Week Magazine. A very nice coming attraction will be the ability for a person to buy several items from different artists and pay for them in one transaction. They are also slated to add currency conversion and foreign language support in 2008. Yes!

By the way...thank you so much for all of your congrats and support regarding my inclusion in the new "Best of America" book series. A big thank you also goes to William Lehman from Artist Hideout for featuring me in a recent podcast regarding this. Check out Artist Hideout for some great critiques and information on all things art.

Pandora the Piggy #2 is coming very soon. Stay tuned!


kate said...

Your little bitty bike journal is really cute. I love the bike and the colourful design on the back.

You are a talented artist!!

Garden Painter Art said...


I can't wait to see Pandora #2. I will "stay tuned"!!

Garden Painter Art

Amy C Evans said...

Miss Laura, LOVE the Little Bitty Bike journal! And the apricots. And Pandora. You are one busy lady!

Thanks much for all of your comments on Made in Mississippi.

Your friend in cake (and pie ;),