Friday, July 13, 2007

Sweet Baby Abby

I did this mixed media drawing of Abby Louise a long time ago when she was probably 5 years old. I've been missing her a lot this week and had a dream about her the other night. I think I've only seen her in my dreams twice now since she passed. Maybe she thinks it's too much for me just yet. Anyhoo...needed to write about it so here's the poem that came through today.


She came to me
in a dream
last night.

She must have seen
the tear slip past my cheek
forming a bleeding puddle
of distress.

She let me stroke
her graceful coat
of sweet softness.

She put her head
in my trembling hands
and our eyes met
in acceptance.

The dream ended too fast
and she was gone.
Though it was enough
to leave her
paw on my heart
until next time.

~Linda O'Neill


Sandy T-S said...

I love your drawing and poem Linda. My heart hurts for you! At least you have visits! I wish Dallas would visit me.

Holly Stinnett said...
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Holly Stinnett said...

Awww... pretty, pretty Abby. What a beautiful piece you've created here. And I love your poem. Sigh.... our dogs are so special.

Bronwyn said...

Your poem brought tears to my eyes. I believe Abby was trying to comfort you.

Lynne said...

I love your mixed media piece of Abby... what a wonderful dog she is (she's still with you -- that I am sure of)... I wish that I could send you some bottled up puppy love from our place... I can't even imagine how painful it must be to lose a furry baby.

You have an open invitation to visit us here in Illinois... where there is dog hair a plenty and lots of extra love to go around!

Rebecca said...

Lovely poem ... you made me cry.
Years after my Kitties passed I would wake to feel them next to me, only to really wake to find them gone, and sometimes a soft Scottie resting in their place. We often smile at times to think our current dogs are channeling pets that have passed.
I hope Abby comes to you in dreams more often. Invite her in as you close your eyes at night, invite her with joy, not sorrow. She will come when you call.

kate said...

Abby looks lovely in this picture ... how cool is that to be visited by her in your dreams. Your poem is lovely. Abby will visit often, just when you need to see her.

Karine said...

That poem is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Thanks.