Friday, July 06, 2007

Mr. Emmett

This is Emmett...or Mr. Emmett, Emmie, Emmers, Pigman being a few other nicknames I like to call him. He is staying with James and I for a few days. His real people are Shennon and Greg...good friends of ours who are taking a mini vacation in Crested Butte.

It's kind of strange having a dog around again after losing Abby three months ago. I think Abby is watching us all though, laughing at Emmett's goofiness...and saying, "oh he's SUCH a Lab!".

He's a real cutie though...and we're enjoying having him stay at Chez O'Neill. He's already won both of our hearts with his silly antics and his sweet heart. You're the best, Mr. Emmett!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sandy T-S said...

Emmett is such a pretty boy! Have fun with him this weekend. Maybe he'll get you in the mood to adopt another lucky doggy!

Clare said...

Hi Linda! I love Emmett and I love the nicknames you call him. I've got a few for Moose too, one of them being Goobies (variation of Goober). It's so cool that you've got him for a while. What a happy event! Oh, and Linda, I just tagged you. Read my July 6 post to see what to do, should you decide to do it!

Karine said...

He's adorable!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Mr Emmett is a handsome boy. Your art is beautiful! So sorry about your lose of your Abby, they do leave footprints on our hearts, don't they?

kate said...

Emmett is gorgeous ... and I can just imagine his goofiness. It's funny how we always find nicknames that suit them ... and not all of them variations on their names.

Abby was probably enjoying the antics from afar!

Kathy Weller said...

Emmett is lovely!! What a face, what a smile.