Friday, July 20, 2007

Still Life and Steamboat Springs

"Three Apricots"
6" x 8" acrylic and collage on canvas

Just finished this painting today. I saw these apricots at the store the other day and had to paint them. They just looked so perdy and plump. This painting is available for purchase at my Etsy Store here.

James and I are leaving tomorrow for three days in Steamboat Springs. We've lived in Colorado for 11 years now and have not been to Steamboat yet. That's shameful for a Coloradan! Aside from the San Francisco trip to visit family (and we don't call that vacation!)...we haven't been away for some r&r since Abby passed. I could really feel it this week; unmotivated, tired, cranky and bored with the normalcy of every day. We are in the midst of planning a big trip for Oct/Nov...but decided we'd better run screaming out of the house and up to the mountains this weekend to save our sanity!

I will leave you with this "appropriate for the occasion" poem from my favorite little poetry book and wish you all a very nice weekend. Be back on Tuesday!

Flowers last
a long, long time
if they have
what they need.

Why is it
that I neglect

I need to feed
on beauty,
walk more often
under starlight,
listen to the wind,
and rest my weariness.

Then my flowers
will last
a long, long time.

~Joyce Rupp


Sandy T-S said...

Have fun Linda! Tiffany is getting married today and it's really on my mind. I wrote a Wedding Day haiku about it and published it on Gather: We will be attending the reception in Indianapolis next weekend. At least we will be getting away!

Kathy Weller said...

this is a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it!!

Clare said...

Hi Linda! I'm back from my trip to the midwest. I hope you're having a FANTASTIC time in Steamboat Springs. It's supposed to be totally beautiful there and a wonderful place for R&R. I love your apricot painting -- such gorgeous colors and happy spheres -- it makes me feel happy and silly. And thank you so much for adding Joyce Rupp's poem -- she always is so right on.

kate said...

This flower poem certainly spoke to my heart ... I love it! And then the apricots with their beautiful shadings guaranteed to make anyone smile!

I hope your time in Steamboat Springs was restful and reenergising ... sometimes these times away to just breathe help cheer us enormously.

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the apricots, they jump out on the blue background. Hope you had a great weekend break

lynne said...

The depth of your drawing is amazing! Those apricots look like you could pick them right up and walk away with them! Fine, fine work!

And the poem -- so perfect for so many reasons... this one will be put into my journal for safe keeping and future reminders...

Moira said...

Hi Linda -

The apricots make my mouth water -- literally! Gorgeous. Love the poem too.

Have a great trip.

Joy Logan said...

Love your doggies and paintings but more than that......I just adore the doggie head on the top of your blog! It touches me like no other,I want to hug and kiss that head,lol. Oh it is so touching! Nice blog.

Bronwyn said...

Those apricots look so biteable!

Thank-you for linking to me - I've now returned the favour. :-)