Thursday, July 26, 2007

Down from the mountain

Elk family in Rocky Mountain National Park

Well, I can't say it was a restful trip to Steamboat Springs...although we did have a great time. I unfortunately had a migraine the entire time...oh joy. I was determined not to let it stop me we went on two beautiful hikes while we were there. It was totally worth it...but let me give some advice to my fellow migraine sufferers out there...don't hike for five hours at 10,000 feet if you have one! It pretty much did me in! I spent Tuesday and yesterday splat out on the sofa most likely with my tongue hanging out...muttering in some unknown language.

Me at Gilpin Lake outside of Steamboat Springs

So enough of that...on to the good stuff. We did have one really magical moment on the Gilpin Lake hike (which I am standing near in the above picture). After hiking or should I say climbing for three hours, we stopped for lunch at this beautiful, pristine mountain lake. We were the only people there. As we were finishing up our goodies...we both heard a loud schwooshing sound. We looked up and about 15 feet from us was an enormous Bald Eagle fluttering in mid-air. He got a little spooked when he saw us so off he went to the other side of the lake, perching himself on a tree.

The magical thing about it other than seeing this beautiful creature up close in it's natural habitat...was that in that moment...I felt Abby's presence. I really think she might have been trying to say hello to us in a very special a very special place. Abby loved hiking with us more than anything so it would make sense that she would be there. Thanks for visiting us, baby girl.

I'll be back soon with some new art. I've been taking a little break this week...but the creative wheels are starting to chug again. Let's hope anyway!


Shari Beaubien said...

Could this be any more of a postcard, Linda!?!? Geez. And I feel certain that your assessment of eagle/Abby is correct. Love the apricots - blue and orange are a favorite combo. And that poem... aaahhh... would you mind if I posted it on my blog?
xoxo, Shari

Amy C Evans said...

Glad I'm keeping you hungry over there in Colorado with all my food posts. Thanks for all the visits and the comments.

BTW, I linked to you in today's post about Donkey Dreams & Pino's Pie. I found them through you. Can't thank you enough.

Cheers (and cake and pie and cornbread!) from Mississippi,

Melissa said...

Hi Linda!
Welcome home! I know that was Abby visiting too. How wonderful for you to have felt her there with you and generous of you to share it.
:) Melissa

Sandy T-S said...

Welcome back Linda, what beautiful pictures! That is really neat about the Eagle and Abby. You are the second person I've heard tell of this happening to. Although my other friend saw a Hawk in the sky by her husbands grave site. Wow, what a great experience!

LINDSAY said...

What a beautiful place & sweet story! Love the apricots!

Clare said...

Welcome back and I am so sorry about your migraine -- yikes, and altitude on top of that! But the elk photo is amazing -- their horns are totally spectacular. You and the lake look great too! And what a thrill to see the bald eagle -- I've never actually gotten to see one flying like that, outside of a nature preserve or zoo. Wow. And I love that Abby visited you -- of course she would be there on such a beautiful hike with you!

kate said...

I love the picture of you with Gilpin Lake as a backdrop ... the elk are amazing. I don't think I've ever seen them resting and looking so relaxed.

And Abby was there with you ... she always will be with you in these moments.

Oh my, I would not be hiking too well with a migraine. I get them and usually end up flaked on the couch. You are strong!

Enjoy your weekend... I imagine your creative wheels are already turning ...

Julie at BV said...

I am glad you found the way to have a great time. This looks like a really gorgeous place.

Tara Ross Studios said...

What a lovely vacation, I love the elk photo. So sorry you had a migraine.
Can't wait to see your next art project.

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous place but so sorry you had a migraine. I'm glad Abby made her presence felt. Look forward to seeing more of your art.