Thursday, August 09, 2007

An apple a day

"Red Apple", "Yellow Apple", "Green Apple"
each painting is 5" x 6" acrylic on 1.5" deep canvas

Red Apple Poem

A little red apple
Hung high in a tree
I looked up at it
And it looked down at me
"Come down, please" I called
And what do you suppose
That little red apple
Dropped right on my nose!

I've been cleaning up my studio a bit and found these three apple paintings that I did probably three years ago. I thought they looked pretty cool I am having a lollapalooza blowout sale! These individual paintings usually sell for $90.00 each...but I am putting them in my ETSY shop for a short time for $150.00 for the set.

Still waiting to hear about the house. This is nerve wracking! Pour me a glass of wine!



Woo hoo! Let's hear it for cleaning out the studios! I said my big week for it would be this week. Weeeeelllll, it's going to be next week. The beach was calling my name. Good luck with the house. My fingers are crossed for you!


Karine said...

Take deep breaths, and you will be fine, Linda. Love the 3 apples! Moving this weekend!!! Yay!

kate said...

If I was there, I'd share a glass of wine with you! Will send even more good thoughts ... and my, I loved the Red Apple Poem. It is enchanting and goes so well with your apple paintings. Those are cool!!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Linda!

I am excited to catch up when I get back from vacation. I am thinking of you. I absolutely love your apple paintings!


Bronwyn said...

I love juicy sweet crunchy Delicious (red) apples, & green Granny Smith apples are great for pies or apple crumble - but what are yellow apples like?

Has it ever struck you that we have a huge variety of fruits & vegetables from which to choose, but that what we commonly consume is only the tip of the iceberg? There are so many more varieties of fruits & vegetables to which we have not yet been exposed!

Clare said...

Hi Linda! The 3 apple paintings look so perfect together -- gorgeous with such juicy colors!