Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hunting for Houses

"One Thousand Houses #254"
Artwork by Jamie Johnson

I wanted to at least check in today to say hello! Haven't posted as much as I would like to lately because James and I have been house hunting like crazy people! This has made me think of Jamie Johnson's paintings of houses. I absolutely love her work. She has been doing a great series of "One Thousand Houses"...so check out her website and her blog when you have a chance.

So we did find a house over the weekend that we are making an offer on today (gulp!). It's pretty cool...has a big studio space for me and a three car garage for car boy (James). Those have been two musts in our search. We are trying not to get our hopes up just yet until the inspections are done...but we hope it all works out. It's on almost one acre with lots of trees and beautiful views. All the neighbors around this house have dogs...a very good sign in my world! Keep your fingers crossed, k?

I'm trying to work as much as I can with all this going on but it's been hard to concentrate. I have three paintings in the works; two dogs and a still life so hope to have those to show you very soon. Stay tuned! xo


Sandy T-S said...

Good luck with the house, it sure sounds nice and just what you're looking for. And that is a very good sign about the dogs. Sounds like you'd have a nice yard for another doggy!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

I am so excited for you! What a great adventure! I am so glad you found a house that interests you. I think that can be the hardest part. :) I am looking forward to seeing you after I get home from 'art camp'. I will show you everything I make and Emmitt is excited to meet you.
:) Melissa

Clare said...

Hi Linda! Best of luck with the house -- it sounds really lovely! It's great that it has a nice big studio for you. What kind of light does it have exposure-wise? I bet Abby helped you find a house with lots of doggie neighbors. I definitely will keep my fingers and toes crossed that everything goes smoothly.

LINDSAY said...

A new space, how exciting! The waiting after the offer is made kills me! Ring phone, ring!

Tara Ross Studios said...

good luck with your house, I hope you get it!

I love Jamie's work, I am a fan too!

Jamie said...

Hi Linda! Is the house in the middle of the painting your studio?

Shari Beaubien said...

Jamie's work is so fun, Linda! Thanks for sharing those links... My fingers are crossed for you and James and the house!! Hugs, Shari

Joy Logan said...

OH I do love these houses Linda. Thanks for the kind word about my tree. I always plant a new tree for any occasion,lol. I have a red maple out back I planted in memory of mom. With tall grasses around it soon to be a japanese garden after this dry hot summer. Good luck on the house!

Amy C Evans said...

Congrats on the house find. Here's hoping it all works out just the way you want it to. I look forward to hearing about you nesting in your new place!

Your friend in milk ;) (thanks again!)

kate said...

This house sounds like a wonderful find. I will send lots of good thoughts your way in the hope that the inspections go well and that you will be able to move in.

Thanks for the link to Jamie Johnson. You always provide such cool links.

Rebecca said...

How very exciting!!! We keep talking about expanding our home and adding a room, sometimes I think we should just buy a larger house. I am happy for you guys ... time for change.

Good Luck!