Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New abstract and a joke

"Dragon Flower"
acrylic and collage on paper 5" x 6"
*email me for purchase information

This is my latest painting, just finished today. My art critic, James O'Neill summed it up this way...

"It can be viewed on a meditative level. The Tibetan dragon a portal or guardian between a world of nature and another space of...what? Which side does the guardian protect?"

Hmmm...must be because of the ying and yang pull I've been feeling in life lately!

And speaking of meditation, ying yang and yada yada's kind of a funny one...

Q: What did the Buddhist Monk say to the Hot Dog Vendor?
A: Make me one with everything.

OK...on that note...I'd best be going now. xo


Ro Bruhn said...

Love your painting and the dragon, you've given me great inspiration, I'm working in an ABRR at present.
I'm working in Judy from red velvet fame's book and her subject is protection, I've been a bit stuck on one of my pages and I think a dragon might just do the trick.
Thanks Linda

LINDSAY said...

Really like this! Colors are striking!

Jill Beninato said...

I love this piece...Red is always so powerful and I really like the teal accents that cool it down a bit. I am really enjoying your abstract work!
Thanks for you support over at my always brighten my day!


I'm always impressed at what James has to say. That fabric or paper you've got in there is gorgeous!

I mention you and have links to your sites in my blog today. I hope that's OK. ;D

Sandy T-S said...

Linda, this is beautiful! The minute I saw it, it brighten my spirits, which really need some brightening lately! The colors made me feel so alive and I just love the flower, flowers always make you feel good!

Karine said...

I am not sure I understand the joke. Does that make me slow? Love the painting, though! RED!
Glad you got your card!

Clare said...

Hi Linda! That hot dog joke is hysterical -- I love it! Hey, it makes me hungry, too.... Your dragon flower painting is beautiful and mystical. And I love what James said "Which side does the guardian protect?" This is a great and profound question. Again, your colors and composition bring together such wonderful feeling and imagery. I love it, Linda!

lynne said...

HA! Love the joke! Love jokes that you can tell at the family dinner table!

And I adore your collage! Wonderful colors... great play of patterns - very cool!

Kathy Weller said...

Gorgeous!!! LOVE the bright vibrant colors and the swirly elements.

Nabeel said...

lol @ joke .. I get it .. I guess the hot dog vendor gave him a hotdog with nothing .. or perhaps told him, you are not hungry (desire) haaa. I like the flower, dunno why, but I do.