Monday, July 30, 2007

Plug it in

"Shadow Plug" Photograph

Ok, so I guess I'm into plugs? What I found so cool about this above photo though is that it created itself on some canvas I had just primed the other day. The canvas was on the floor and the light streaming in through the window painted an interesting shadow image from the dangling cord of my overhead lamp and work bench. The image below is an oil pastel painting I did in 2004 which is mysteriously similar. Pretty intriguing!

"Espresso Plug"
6.5" x 8" oil pastel on paper
If you're interested in purchasing this painting email me

**And hey...check out this amazing video that I found at Bronwyn's "Visual Art in Queensland, Australia" blog. Great find, Bronwyn!



First, thank you for your order today. You doubled my "number sold" number on Etsy! Woo hoo!

On to the plugs: I love both the photo and the pastel painting. What a serendipitous moment with the shadows! So many times I'll come across something and think, "that would make a great photograph," but never pick up the camera. You did, however, and it turned out so cool!

Karine said...

Cool plugs. I love the feeling of quiet they both give me. Nice, Linda!

kate said...

It is amazing how similar the colours are in both the photo and your painting.

They are both cool ... you are an amzing painter! I wish you could paint some flowers on my blue wall.

Shari Beaubien said...

The plug is terrific, Linda, and the idea for it's conception is equally so. I'm testing out my new bloglines comment-leaving abilities now. Hope this works...

cowbelly said...

that is soooo cool. what do you suppose the significance of this is? you should be 'plugged in' to what is going on around you? you are overly 'plugged in' to the electrical energies of daily life? if you lay a canvas on the floor be careful where you put it?

hmm, I will have to meditate on this one. :-)


Nabeel said...

great painting .. very realistic I think .. probably because of the light .. the texture is smooth too .. very nice.

Clare said...

Hi Linda! The light in the photo and in your painting is wonderful and so warm, and I love how you mix colors and blend and shade. Your paintings are always so alive!

Kathy Weller said...

Totally cool stuff..Love your paintings!! Nice work!! Great colors.