Friday, August 31, 2007

Sneakie Peekie and the Lake

Here's a sneak peek at my latest commission...Bianca, the white Boxer puppy. I'm almost finished but am not quite happy with the background just yet. I don't want to rush it so I will finish this sweet little girl when I get back from Idaho.

The photo below is where James and I and our good friends, Steve and Kathleen are heading for 6 days. We're going to visit my dad who owns a home here on Priest Lake which is way up the Idaho panhandle by the Canadian border. It's a beautiful, peaceful place to be. My brother is flying in from California as well so it will be great to have him there too. We'll hike, canoe, swim, boat and also do a lot of nothing! I'm kinda likin' the sounds of the nothing part!

I hope you all have a very nice Labor Day weekend. I'll be back to blogging a week from today. Many hugs and xoxo!


Sandy T-S said...

Linda, Bianca looks just beautiful! I just love looking into those eyes and what a cute nose! The owner of this painting is going to be very happy! Have great trip!

Nabeel said...

on the right eye (dog's left eye) I see innocence. On the left eye (dog's right) I also see innocence. Well actually no, i don't see that much innocence. It's tough to read eyes.

LINDSAY said...

O! You're so lucky! Have a wonderful time...I'm drooling over your lake photo!

Ruth Welter said...

Linda, Bianca looks real enough to reach out and touch, you are doing a beautiful job on her portrait. Enjoy your well earned vacation

Jill Beninato said...

Take me, take me! This looks like the most peaceful, wonderful place. Enjoy your trip!

Bronwyn, said...

That nose is just perfectly real!

I'm pondering her expression/character - any insights?

kate said...

I hope you have a great time in Idaho! The lake looks like a perfect spot to chill out and enjoy family and friends!

Clare said...

Hi Linda! Wow, the photo of where you'll be staying in Idaho looks like paradise. I hope you are having the best and most relaxing time. And I love the sneakpeak of Bianca -- I can already tell she is a total cutie, with those wonderful eyes that you paint. Moose thinks she is adorable.

Garden Painter Art said...


The painting is thoughtful and beautiful, as always.

Hope you have a relaxing time at your dad's place. It looks absolutely gorgeous from the picture.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog when you get back.

Garden Painter Art

Clare said...

Hi Linda! I hope you've been having a wonderful time. Stop by my blog to pick up your Blogger Reflection Award. This is for people who inspire and encourage people in their blogging. You inspire me with your incredible paintings and creativity and your wonderful humor -- and being such a passionate dog lover too!

shnaggy said...

oh wooow...this looked so real. specially the nose.but the whole face is so friendly.

have a great time at that tranquil little lake.