Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Doggie Painting!

10" x 11" acrylic and collage on canvas

Just finished Emmett last night. Most of you remember Emmett if you've been following my blog...he's the big beautiful boy that stayed with us awhile back. I painted him for his person, Greg...who had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. Happy b-day again, Greg!

Emmett took quite a long time to paint. I just couldn't nail his coloring...but my super Art Critic husband, James helped me with that. I wasn't getting the beautiful red/brown hues I wanted and was ending up with too much grey/greenish in his highlights. We were looking at it the other night and James said, "Why don't you look at that Bensdorp Cocoa we bought...I think that's his exact coloring.". Well, I took his advice...sprinkled some cocoa on a white napkin, took it down to the studio and mixed the paint to match that color. I went back in...added more color to his coat, then added a little white to make it pop his highlights. worked!

And for all of you who haven't tried Bensdorp Cocoa as the actual food product it can get it here. It's pretty much the best cocoa I've ever had and makes THE best brownies in the world.

Go here for a really sweet video I found on CNN yesterday. And might I add...there are NO ugly dogs in MY book!!


Amy C Evans said...

What a lovely painting, Linda. You really captured Emmett's soulful eyes. Looks like a wonderful pooch. Your lucky friend got a wonderful painting!

Rebecca said...

Cocoa pup! I love the color story.
Great painting.


Sandy T-S said...

Linda, Emmett is beautiful and so are the dogs on that video! I kept thinking of the saying, "The face only a mother could love!"

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Linda!
Emmett is perfect! You are amazing. :) I am really looking forward to meeting James. What a great guy!
The sun is setting and the ocean is beautiful. Fred and I are really enjoying our trip.
How fun that I can still see your work while I am away.


I was hoping you'd paint Emmett. Yay! Beautiful browns! And I love the story about how you achieved them. James is a gem-what great advice!!

Bronwyn, said...

Do you ever paint pet portrait backgrounds with a hint of realism? eg a somewhat out of focus suggestion of sky & landscape?

Clare said...

Hi Linda! Mr. Emmett looks so handsome! I love him. I miss having him come stay with you -- the photos were fun and I liked knowing you had a doggie in the house again. The yellow background color is stunning and looks great with him.

Shari Beaubien said...

What would we ever do without our dear, supportive hubbies! Emmett is a doll. Wonderful job. Now I want cocoa! Hugs, Shari

kate said...

You did a great job with Emmett and caught his colour amazing well. Now I'm in the mood for brownies!