Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birds on the Brain

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I'm busy painting a beautiful Parrot named, Jefe this week so I am birdy nerdy and thinking about all things winged. I thought the above article was pretty amazing...from this month's Time Magazine. Just plain made me tear up.

And on a non-bird subject, have you seen Cowbelly Pet Photography's new website? Jamie has some of the very best Dog Portraits around. Check out her work!


Garden Painter Art said...


I just checked out the Cowbelly Pet Photography website. I love the picture of the Siamese Cat with the fisheye lens paws!!

Garden Painter Art

Clare said...

Hi Linda! African Gray parrots are super smart -- I have a friend with one and it is like a person. I'm looking forward to seeing your painting of Jefe!

kate said...

This was an amazing article. How cool that Alex lived to 31. That's incredible as was his ability to communicate in human ways. I want a parrot now.

I am looking forward to seeing Jefe when your painting is finished.

Oops and I got distracted and now the Nachos are burning... Lytton will be happy!

Amy C Evans said...

Oh, Sweet Alex! He will be missed and by my husband, especailly. Kurt was obsessed with African Greys for a time and was actually thinking about getting one. I talked him out of it when I found out that they actually live much longer than sweet Alex did: they can live to be 80 years old! Kurt did get to meet Alex's mama, Irene, at a Vision Sciences conference in Florida a couple of years ago, which was a highlight for him. Kurt, of course, not Alex. Anyway, thanks for sharing the sad news and reminding me of this sweet and loving and smart little bird.

Rebecca said...

I love birds although I can not imagine having one .... wow what long lives. I can't wait to see your bird art.

LINDSAY said...

Love the animal photography! Can't wait to see Jefe!

Julie at BV said...

Love birds.

Cre8Tiva said...

looking forward to the painting...missed you...happy fall...blessings, rebecca

cowbelly said...

Linda THANK YOU so much for the link to my website!

A whole bunch of folks from your blog have gone and cheked it out, which jsut warms the cockles of my heart.

It's such a wonderful feeling to know that after you work so hard on something other people like it too. :-)

Can't wait to see Jefe's painting!